Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Dreams and Goals Essay

Dreams and Goals Essay

Dreams and goals

I think that dreams and goals are really important because you can purpose a lot of things, you can start something that begins with little details and then that tiny dream or goal transforms in a big one, we have to always remember that dreams come true, but it is only if you want it and you really wish it.

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When the dreams aren’t fulfilled you can lose a big opportunity about something that can became really good, for example, you are a really good athlete, but the people is envious about you, and you have a great tournament, but people tell you that is too much for you, that you will fail, then, all that stuff starts mentalizing that you are not able to do it , and all your effort and your abilities become wasted because you have not positive thoughts.

You never have to give up in something, you always have to get your objectives, chase your dreams and finished your goals, if people is telling you negative things, bet them, do it for yourself, you have to feel satisfaction, do it if you love it, never stop dreaming, even if the people it’s a problem for that, remember that in the world it is always going to be people that love you for what you are, and people thats is going to hate you for the same reason.

When you have a dream, you always have to have a perspective, think a little bit in the reality, but, if your goal is hard to reach it does´t mean it is impossible it means that you have to try hard to get ir, but with out giving up. Never say never, reality is not a excuse for to don´t make your dreams true, fight for it.

I think you can do both , you can have dreams, but never forgetting the realities, always make a goal or dream that you are able to do it or chase it, don´t pass de barrier of your expectatives, always give your best effort in everything you do. “If something is hard it does´t mean it is impossible it means that you have to TRY HARDER.”