Dream Job Essay

Thinking of my dream job is a dream in itself wishing I could do whatever I want & getting paid for it. But if I had my choice my dream job would be to be rich and famous without all the negative feedback from people.

To do whatever my heart feel and get paid for it no matter if its positive or negative. I could go anywhere do anything and won’t have to answer to no one or be responsible for anything else if I choose not to. do on my dream job? I’d asumWhat i would e the role of a diplomat go from country to country trading ,shopping,dinning and enjoying the night life.I’d also help the less fortunate and fertilize all the beautiful most sensual women each country has to offer. The educational requirements ; job training for my job would be to walk were I’ve been ,see what I’ve seen, touch what I’ve felt to understand what i talk. Until then take a back seat & periodically I’d let one sit in the front while I drive sort of like the presedency in the country today.

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My salary would not be viewed to the public, only a fixed amount to my discretion will be able to be availible for public notice.My employees would recieve the best of treatment and their families as well. for the over all concept would be to build an empire. Help produce responsible young people to stand down and run things the right way. Although I could wish upon a star or make dreams my job the thought of it is very entertaining.

It lets me explore different ideas such as finacial,educational and the prosperity of the people, kind of like my own super hero. If I had it my way things would be a whole lot better I could tell you that much. But as it always is all goo the must come to an end just like a good dream.


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