Drafts to H. P. Lovecraft — Part 2 Essay

July 1933 (early draft)These pages (CL4.32-44) of an early draft to Howard’s lengthy letter to Lovecraft (CL3.63-91, AMTF 2.

591-612) were almost entirely excised from later and final drafts. The most interesting part of this draft might be in reply to Lovecraft’s suggestion that Howard try his hand about the frontier (AMTF 2.578); many of Howard’s letters to Lovecraft contain scenes of pure description and historical action as good as any of the stories he sold to the pulps, and possibly Lovecraft hoped Howard would turn into a regional writer along the lines of August Derleth and his Sac Prairie saga.Text unique to the draft will be colored red, while text unique to the final letter will be colored blue.

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Formatting (paragraph breaks, etc.) have been freely distorted to more clearly show were sections of text match up most closely.Read Part 1, Part 3, Part 4


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