Double Indemnity: A Movie Review Essay

Double Indemnity: A Movie Review            Double Indemnity is a movie based on a novel about an experienced salesman named Walter Neff who worked at Pacific All Risk Insurance Corporation as an insurance agent.

The conflict of the story started when the said salesman met a seductive wife of a client named Phyllis Dietrichson. The insurance agent in this movie had an illicit affair with the wife of one of his clients. The insurance agent was requested by the wife of his client to kill her husband in exchange of the insurance proceeds based on a double indemnity insurance clause. The plot to kill the husband was detected and both perpetrators faced the consequences of their actions before the law.            The movie Double Indemnity was filmed at the location in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA both outdoor and studio. The cast of the film are Fred MacMurray who played Walter Neff, Barbara Stanwyck who played Phyllis Dietrichson, Edward G. Robinson portrayed the character of Barton Keyes and many other lead actors and actresses. The paraphernalia of the movie was well-set since the murder plot was carefully laid down.

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The costume made a perfect resemblance of the story line without sacrificing fashion details.            The director of Double Indemnity movie named Billy Wilder made an intelligent approach to tell a story of love, infidelity, murder and betrayal. The total running time of the film was 107 minutes in general. It was filmed using the English language and in a black and white pictures. The cinematography is properly done although the film never won an award in both Academy Awards and Oscars despite the fact that it has many nominations.            Finally, the sound effects of the movie were done in mono wherein Western Electronic Mirrophonic Recording was utilized.

Although it was done that way, the music and effects can be described as breathtaking and wonderful adding suspense to the story. 


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