Dongtan Eco-City, Shanghai: World’s First Large-Scale Environmental City Essay

With cities worldwide facing daunting environmental challenges on a global scale, a multidisciplinary team at Arup (an independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists offering a broad range of professional services) seeks to create a model for how cities can develop carbon neutrally called Dongtan Eco-City. Dongtan is a plan for a new eco-city on the island of Chongming in Shanghai, China. The name of the city literally translates as “East Beach”.Dongtan will be a city of three villages that meet to form a city centre. The first demonstrator phase of Dongtan aims to be completed by 2010, in time for the World Expo in Shanghai, and will accommodate a population of up to 5,000. Later phases of development will see the city grow to hold a population of around 80,000 by 2020 and up to 500,000 by 2050. When completed the project will increase bio-diversity on Chongming Island, and will create a city that runs entirely on renewable energy for its buildings, its infrastructure and its transport needs.

Dongtan will recover, recycle and reuse 90% of all waste in the city, with the eventual aim of becoming a zero waste city. 1. 3 billion dollar budget was considered for the beginning part of the Project, and when put into practice it would be the “first green city” in China. In Dongtan, agricultural irrigation will made by rain water and domestic waste will be used as fuel.

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Moreover, the roofs of the buildings which is considered to compose only 40% of the city will be surfaced with grass (the rest of the city will be separated as agricultural area and paradises of birds).This will provide the best heat insulation and energy consumption will reduce in %70 in this manner. On the other hand, energy resources in the city that fills all energy needs itself will be also have the power of renovation without any support. For example, it is considered that energy production will be provided by using wind transformers, bio-fuels and reusable organic materials, so that everybody lives in the city will consume biological products came up in the farm.To sum up, Dongtan Eco-City will change the way city environments relate to the natural world by creating a sustainable, resource efficient, culturally rich environment, where quality of life will be unique compared to anywhere in the Yangtze River Delta. Dongtan Eco-City will provide an attractive alternative place for people to live within one of the most dynamic and culturally attractive regions of China and East Asia.


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