Donald China with Bangladeshcoming close second.China quickly

Donald Trump “the mentally stable genius” { Trump has tweeted that heis a mentally stable genius} president of the UnitedStates of America has thrown Pakistan into the lap of Xi Jinping andgiven Beijing a golden opportunity to further increase itsinfluence in Pakistan by “Freezing” USD 2 Billion military aid.

In Pakistan “Beijing is fast replacing Washington DC …they {China}will movequickly to fill in this vacant space …

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..they have done this in past”a high level source in the diplomatic community  in  New Delhi saidWashington DC  is been rapidly loosing space to Beijing at  theMilitary headquarter in Rawalpindi .China now supplies 63 percent of military hardware of Pakistan and United Statesshare has come down to 19 percent. Five years ago both were at equalfooting ,competing with each other.

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute(SIPRI). Military hardware purchases by Rawalpindi has turned Chinainto third largest exporter of Arms worldwide. Pakistan tops the listby buying 35 percent of Military exports from China with Bangladeshcoming close second.China quickly supplied J-7 ,JF-17 and JF-31 multi role fightersaircrafts and set up there manufacturing facility in Pakistan, afterintense lobbying by New Delhi, on the capital hill in Washington DCstopped the supply of F-16 fighter aircrafts.

Now there are reports that Pakistani Air Force is in talks with Chinato buy 30 to 40 of the new Shenyang FC-31 stealth fighter jets, whichwill give it an edge over Indian Air Force.Pak Air force also operates four Chinese-origin ZDK-03 (KJ-200) AWACSAirborne Warning And Control System,Wuhan based China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) willprovide the Pakistan Navy with eight modified diesel-electric advancedYuan class attack submarines,four of which will be build by theKarachi Shipyard & Engineering Works (KSEW) and will be fitted withair-independent propulsion (AIP) systems.There are reports that Pakistan navy personnel have made sojourns onboard advance ‘Shang’ class nuclear attack submarine,which docked inKarachi.Analyst say it is matter of time before Pakistan acquires a nuclearpowered attack submarine on lease from China.Pakistan navy has four Chinese frigates and has ordered four moreimproved F-22P Zulfiquar class frigates from China ShipbuildingTrading Corporation .The Chinese foreign ministry spokesman was very quick to come out anddefend Islamabad from the charges made in Tweet by Trump.Spokesperson  Lu Kang’s comments that “Chinadefends the countries that make anti-terrorism efforts in a just andfair way” is contrary to the posture at United Nations, where Beijinghas blocked Massod Azhar being declared as terrorist.The fear of Islamic terrorism in Pakistan influencing the Pro freedommovement in Muslim majority Xinjiang province is forcing Beijing tohave cosy and cordial relationship with the likes of Masood Azhars and HafizSaeeds,Who have never looked at and spoken about the atrocitiescommitted on Uygur Muslims in Xinjiang Provence.

This clearly indicate ,Beijing is slowly and steadily moving in to take “controland nurture” the “Terror infrastructure” in the region.Successfully bringing together the two acrimonious neighbors and a possibleagreement to extend the CPEC from Pakistan into Afghanistan has raisedthe heckles of Pentagon which saw Kabul drifting in to the arms ofBeijing.After USD 55 Billion commitments for CPEC ,Chinese state ownedcompanies are now moving in to spend another USD 100 Billion to set up miningand manufacturing industry in the region showing Mr Trump that USD 2Billion per year aid is peanuts.China is turning Gwadar into de facto Military base at a very fastpace by building infrastructure and housing facilities for the forces.PLA does not want to dock submarines and ships at Karachi which it istoo busy, unsafe and  turning into a hotbed for terrorist .Two fast patrol boats have been supplied to the Pak Navy by China andtwo more will join soon to protect Gwadar.

This strategically important base will increase close cooperationbetween two Military and further expand the Influence of PLA onPakistan armed forces personnel.For the first time the Ruling and opposition Politicians and theMilitary have spoken in one voice in Pakistan.The response from Nawaz Sharif ,Pakistan Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif.Imran Khan of PTI  and  Army chief Gen Qamar Bajwa  was unanimous and clear thatPakistan does not want “Aid” from Mr Trump and as an alternative itwill go to Xi Jinping for “help”The statement by all powerful chief of the Army Gen Qamar Bajwa  that”Pakistan will not seek resumption of aid but expect honorablerecognition of our contributions, sacrifices and unwavering resolve in(the) fight against terrorism for peace and stability in the region”has now sealed the fate of Americans.There are reports that  Commander US Central Command (CENTCOM) GeneralJoseph L. Votel and an unnamed Senator from United States  failed toinfluence the all powerful  Army chief in a long  telephonicconversation as the Pakistan army remained on very high alert againstany misadventure by the Americans.

The statement by the Pakistan Defense Minister Khurram Dastgir sayingintelligence and military cooperation with the United States has beensuspended after its froze military assistance  means that now twoPakistani air bases cannot be used by CIA  to launch drones to strikethe militants .The all important ISI has also reduced cooperation with CIA as Langleyperceives it is very unreliable partner,who is sleeping with theenemy.Ms.

Alice Wells, Acting Assistant Secretary of State for South andCentral Asian Affairs and Acting Special Representative forAfghanistan and Pakistan and senior officials from US NationalSecurity Council  got a cold reception in Islamabad.This  first visit  of a senior US government officials following theUS president’s Twitter outburst against Pakistan earlier this monthhas  turned out to be a complete failure as they were told Islamabadand Rawalpindi do not need US dollars.Central bank of  Pakistan has allowed the Chinese yuan to be used forbilateral trade and investment activities, this will also replace theUS dollar for transactions in the strategic CPEC.”Pakistan is standing up and saying NO to uncle Sam as there is fullfinancial and military support from new emerging super power {China }”a high level military official summed up the whole scenario in theregion.Now Xi Jinping is all set to replace Trump as {MAI BAAP} Big Daddy inboth Islamabad {The political capital } and Rawalpindi {The Militarycapital}.


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