Domestic Slavery Essay

Article 4 in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states “No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms. Yet many people in this world choose not to listen. While many forms of slavery exist, such as prison slaves, bonded slaves, sex slaves, food chain slaves, etc. I would like to inform people on the topic of domestic slavery in America.

Every year thousands of people arrive in America, mostly women, with temporary visas, so they can work as live-in domestic workers.They come here for selfless reasons; one reason would be to escape poverty another would be to send money home to their families. Most domestic workers don’t know that they will be enslaved until it happens. Since visas are employment based the “workers” are connected to that one employer no matter how abusive, so if they leave that employer they lose their immigration status and are deported. This is why many don’t complain; the rare few who do may not be protected that well because government agencies don’t monitor their enforcement that well.Since most employers are immunized from the law because they are typically diplomats, the workers are defenseless at stopping it. They may suffer through human right violations such as brutality or harmful threats; they may be locked up by bars, locks, confiscation of passport, chains; hear threats of the same treatment toward family members; experience health issues, like the refusal of food, poor sleeping arrangements and the unwillingness to provide medical care; have poor pay and unreasonable hours with little sleep; invasion of privacy; mental abuse; forced labor.

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There are some laws that protect against some of these violations, yet it is quite impossible to enforce these laws without getting a search warrant for everyone’s’ house. Once rescued survivors will most likely return home to poverty, unemployment, and unstableness which are why they left in the first place. This makes them susceptible to being re-trafficked.

More people are needed to give opportunities of education and help them be more comfortable around other people; this will decrease their likeliness of being exploited again since they are street- smart now.Now that I have informed you on domestic slavery in America and domestic slavery in general I’d like you to take what I’ve written to heart. If you ever suspect someone of harboring a slave report it immediately because the people of the law can only do so much.Bibliography”The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. ” Welcome to the United Nations: It’s Your World.

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