Does Legalizing Marijuana Make Sense Essay

Should marijuana be sold freely and made available to everyone? To me it makes somewhat sense. There are several beneficial effects as well as there are some very not as much. The debate over the legalization is very heated here in the United States. Marijuana is legal in some states for medical purposes only and others have not quite been convinced of the cannabis. Our newly re-elected president, Barack Obama, says he is against legalizing marijuana.

So, “Puff the Magic Dragon” has bit the dust (Bernadine Healy, U. S. News Web site, Feb. 4, 2009). I have read an excerpt from the book Good Reasons for Contemporary Arguments that will go further into reasons for this topic I have chosen to write my essay on. In my opinion, this green proposal could possibly get the United States out of the deficit that is spoken of on a daily basis.

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People are going to manufacture, use, and sell the drug; so why not make it legal and slap a tax on it? Revenue is there to be made.It could be known as a veritable marijuana economic-stimulus package (Joe Klein, Time, April 2009). This argument is ranked number one right now for the new administration among the thousands of possible actions voted upon on the website by the public. It stands above stem cell research, the war in Iraq, and Wall Street bailouts (Bernadine Healy, U. S.

News Website, February 4, 2009). President Barack Obama gives a flat “no” to the idea, although he admits to toking the drug in his younger days.In actual realization, I really don’t think we will get any further other than marijuana being solely available for medical intervention only. I believe it should be a legal option for everyone in every state to be able to receive the medical marijuana therapy to relieve themselves of different ailments like others living in the states that reinforce the drug. Although marijuana is mostly used recreationally and can be abused, it can be compared just the same to those who the seek physicians for habit forming prescriptions.Doctors and marijuana dealers are in the same category in my opinion. I also believe that the drug is less harmful because it’s a natural plant and is not chemically made with as severe side effects like most prescription medicines.

Marijuana could not only get this country out of debt with legal possession and consumption, it could help our environment by growing crops and using the hemp from the plant. Hemp can produce paper and textile products. Researchers are now testing theories of a new biofuel possibility from the cannabis plants.This means more trees, more American made products, more jobs and could possibly make these money problems go away that our country is in.

Is this so bad, Mr. President? It is also stated that the United States is the most “criminal” country in the world, with 5% of the world’s population and 25% of its prisoners. With that being said, we, taxpayers, spend nearly $150 billion on policing and courts, and nearly half of all drug arrests are marijuana-related (Klein, Time, April 2009).

That’s money that could be saved and should be utilized on more important things like education and better healthcare plans.Most citizens argue that new drug laws are ethically wrong and would only make for a chaotic place to live, however, I feel that with certain restrictions and proper management it could work. Marijuana should only be legalized to be grown, sold, taxed, and consumed for medical, environmental, and economic purposes only. This approach could possibly make America more prosperous and less stressful place to live.

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