Does “Assassin’s Creed” Influence a Teen’s Mind Essay

Imagine a universe where everything that happened was in secret controlled by a big organisation of people. Every twenty-four hours you are invariably recorded and monitored. Everything that you do is in secret planned out in progress. yet you think that everything you’re making is by your ain free will. Everyone including your household. your friends. and the authorities are all controlled by this organisation.

and you can’t even tell. While you happily and involuntarily follow the way planned out for you. another organisation is in secret and softly seeking to set a halt to the evil programs of the organisation that wants to command your every move. This is the plotline of a really popular videogame known as Assassin’s Creed. Assassin’s Creed is a great game that has influenced and challenged people’s position on authorities and democracy. The game Assassin’s Creed influences people’s heads by doing them believe more outside the box.

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and by helping there wonder of confederacy theories.Assassin’s Creed take topographic points in 2012. following the life of Desmond Miles. a barman who is a descendent of several Assassins. Although Desmond was raised as an Assassin. he fled his mobile household to seek out a more common life style. While basking his freedom he is kidnapped by an evil company known as Abstergo Industries.

the contemporary face of the Knights Templar who are cognizant of Desmond’s lineage. Templars want to command everyone. and they believe in absolute order similar to dictatorship. Desmond is forced to utilize a device known as an “Animus” which allows him to see his bravo hereditary memories. Abstergo is seeking to detect the location of several artefacts.

known as “Pieces of Eden. ” in order to obtain great power and control world and change its destiny. conveying humanity into a individual incorporate group.

Subsequently Desmond flights Abstergo due to the aid of some contemporary Assassins who he subsequently ends up working with.Desmond uses their version of the Animus ( Animus 2. 0 ) to go on to re-live the memories of his ascendants and detect the locations of the Pieces of Eden before Abstergo can make so. Desmond relives the events of his Assassin ascendants who live in universes full of pandemonium. unfairness. and indirect imprisonment. Doesn’t this seem similar to the manner the universe is today? Several states have yet to set up a authorities system where people have a say in what they want the authorities to make for them. There are even more states that have yet to get rid of their regulating Torahs on bondage.

Our ain authorities is concealing secrets from us ( seeking to protect us ) . yet doing more accidents and calamities that could be avoided if merely we had entree to their classified information. Assassin’s Creed is a wholly made up narrative. but it has a batch of interesting and intuitive facts to its secret plan. In fact. the bulk of it seems plausible. and many others within my age group seem to believe the same after playing this game.

Along with the several games that my equals play that can associate to Assassin’s Creed. there are besides several books that are similar. Assassin’s Creed got its inspiration from the fresh Alamut written by a Slovenian author Vladimir Bartol. which is what inspired most of the first game’s secret plan.

Another narrative really similar to the plotline of Assassin’s Creed is The Traveler written by John Twelve Hawks. The book takes topographic point in the hereafter and lays out a universe where the power lies non with people or authoritiess. but in the custodies of a secret organisation who call themselves “the Brethren. ” Their enemies refer to them as “the Tabula” . The Tabula are an ancient secret society who thinks that control and stableness are an absolute necessity. similar to extreme Utilitarianism. The Tabula gets the bulk of their influence from the thoughts of philosopher Jeremy Bentham. The Tabula want to implement a Virtual Panopticon which is a society where all persons become accustomed to being watched and monitored and they act at all times as if they are being observed ; doing them more afraid to make immoral things.

The Tabula’s exclusive aim is to kill all Travelers. Travelers are people with the particular ability to “cross-over” . which is frequently inherited from an ascendant. Crossing-over can be defined as your spirit go forthing your organic structure and traveling off to another kingdom. and so returning. Upon this return. most Travelers would hold experienced a different position of our universe. Many Travelers become spiritual Prophetss.

or enemies of the Tabula who have hunted them about to extinction. Harlequins are a warrior group sworn to support the Travelers from the Tabula. The Harlequins are opposed to the Tabula. and the two sides exhausted centuries contending over control and power which allowed the Tabula to derive control and about wholly exterminate the Travelers and Harlequins.Despite the aristocracy and selflessness of their cause. the Harlequins are cold and barbarous figures who dedicate their lives to contending and killing without compunction or vacillation. Sound familiar? Due to its in writing.

plausible. and cliff-hanging plot line. Assassins Creed has become a large hit to gamers. historiographers. and confederacy theoretician likewise ; doing them to hold a current series of five games in all.

selling 1000000s of transcripts worldwide. The series has been a large success and has won a figure of awards. All of the Assassin’s Creeds make an stripling see the universe they live in otherwise.

I wouldn’t even have considered governmental control. Templars & A ; Tabula. or Assassins & A ; Harlequins as being realistic. but now I’m get downing to hold 2nd ideas ( I besides know of several friends in the same province as me ) .

Reading books similar to The Traveler and playing videogames similar to Assassin’s Creed makes one believe a little more outside the box and take into consideration other confederacy theories and narratives.


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