Documentary Analysis: Food Inc Essay

The Food, Inc. was a very disturbing film to watch because I love food. I am hesitant to watch movies like this because I rather not know what really goes on.

I love food and I don’t want it to change my mind about them. This is probably the thinking of most Americans, which is why the food industry is as corrupt as it is. Still I was very glad to be able to watch it because it really opened my eyes. The movie Food, Inc. s a shows how the process and the food industry has destroyed the typical farmer food and how the way they process foods are affecting American’s health.

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They interview farmers that are being contracted by the food industry and how they treat and raise animals. They show how cruel the chickens are treated and the cows. They also show how they are raised in closed farms and stand in their own fesses. Another point they raise how corn is grown and used in everything because of the subsidized ways of the government and the food industry.They show how the Dollar Menu is affecting the health of Americans and how it’s a growing epidemic the way kids are getting fat and with diabetes.

They also show how a farmer actually raises their product in a humane manner and how they actually are profitable. They also show how farmers and organics are growing again because the movement for safer and cleaner foods is growing. Like I stated before I really love food and did not want to open my eyes to this kinds of movies. Food, Inc. eally hit me though because they show how the food industry is ugly and corrupt.

Just by watching this I hope I am able to change my mind and able to change the way my family and myself buy food. I want the best for my family and do not want bad food because I am afraid they will get sick. Even though Organics are really expensive compare to other foods, but I rather be able to keep my family safe. The cost of cheaper food will be a lot more once someone gets sick from diabetes and other sicknesses.


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