Do Young People Today Make Good Use of Their Leisure Time? Essay

Leisure clip can be good spent in many different ways. One popular option among the immature is playing video games and watching telecasting. While other activities like athleticss. societal assemblage and reading are available to them. many people feel that they spend excessively much clip on these indoor games and screens and prefer them to be more active.

In this essay. I will discourse my position on the issue to acquire positive consequences out of free clip. Nowadays. younger coevals has greater picks of leisure installations than old one. Among such installations are telecasting and picture games.Some societal experts and households are concerned about wellness of teenage overindulge on these activities.

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This is supported by some studies that sitting excessively long in forepart of telecasting could take to jobs of eyes and back. On the other manus. some medical experts believe that some picture games can better the sleight of the participant and this could assist his or her future calling like runing physician or pilot. In add-on.

watching telecasting supports immature audience inform about what happens about locally every bit good as globally.That would heighten teenagers’ speculative head and promote them to maintain eyes on disputing local and international issues. While such benefit is welcomed. there besides are dangers of exposing them to violence. offenses and expressed scenes on some telecasting series which can hold negative impact on younger personalities. Alternatively.

there are many activities which have positive consequences in term of societal. physical and educational values. For illustration. walking. jogging and trekking in a recreational park better their physical strength and give an chance to detect nature and environment.Furthermore. disbursement clip with household.

relations and friends outdoor enriches their societal lives. As a consequence. they would be more synergistic and responsible socially. Finally. one could merely be entertained by reading at place or playing some music. In decision. how much clip should we pass on each activity during excess clip is problematic.

Each has its ain virtue so long as person does non affect overly. In my sentiment. immature and big alike should take sanely on type of activity and clip spent to acquire most benefits out of their free clip.


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