Do We Need to Hide Our Emotions in This Modern World? Essay

In this modern world, do we really need to hide our emotions? Why are people so scared of being ridiculed or humiliated that saving face has become an end in itself? Image is so important that we have to protect it all costs. Or do we really need to protect it? What is it that makes us want to pretend? Well, with competition for jobs, and the world economy (in some areas) on a low level, no one wants to appear weak or exposed.

Looking and behaving confident in all aspects of life is a key for success…or is it?Isn’t it possible that the real problem with showing our emotions is that it could make us seem vulnerable? This is often mistaken for a sign of weakness, and in this modern world no one wants to seem weak. Some people have constant fears, and they don’t want others to know about their fears, because they may appear weak and susceptible to negative feelings from others. There are simply just some emotions that people do not want uncovered. •The Impact of Showing our Emotions Some emotions should be kept inside. If I have no self confidence in myself, I surely don’t want my friends knowing that.If I am feeling insecure, apprehensive, or depressed each day, the only people that would probably be aware of that are my family and close friends (people that I trust). However, other emotions may tend to shape people’s thoughts about others.

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For example, if I become disillusioned at work, my coworkers may not be very pleased with my work performance or attitude. If I am overtaken with depression, sadness, or anger about a situation, then my coworkers may not want to be around me, thus hurting my job performance.If I am too angry or cross at work, people are definitely not going to want to work with me.

The same is for being highly anxious or nervous. These types of emotions, when shown on a day-to-day basis, will cause people around me to have less confidence in me, and will simply push people away. Some people have constant fears, and they don’t want others to know about their fears, because they may appear weak and susceptible to negative feelings from others. There are simply just some emotions that people do not want people to see.It is really strange that people are so determined on hiding the emotions that show our gentleness. After all, aren’t our feelings the very things that make us truly human? Well, of course we are, but appearing over sensitive in front of others will cause the others to form a negative opinion. In this world, in some settings, image does count. This is very sad, but true.

For example, there is a video called, “Uncle Boss. ” The boss and his coworker are on a bus, and the boss totally overreacts about a situation with his coworker.He shows too much anger and frustration on this public transportation towards his employee.

The people around him may be forming negative opinions about how this boss is treating his worker. They may also, if they find out what business he is in, not want to give him any business, or spread the word about his behavior. This is a situation where the boss should have taken a few deep breaths, and talked to his employee calmly, or if he was truly angry and not able to hold it in, he should have spoken to the boy in a private place. When we Can Show our Emotions I don’t think that we need to hide our normal, typical, everyday emotions. Who cares if people think that I am weak if I show some emotion? If I am stressed out, and desperate for some help, I am not going to be afraid showing it. I know that I am not perfect in my feelings, and not everyone will feel that way.

The people that I am close to, like my friends and family, know me. They will not pass judgment against me, or be disappointed in me, as I would never pass judgment on them, or be disappointed in them.An example of showing emotions in a normal setting is if we go and see a scary movie, and become scared stiff and horrified, as long as most of the people are (as they would be during a horror movie), then this is normal. Or if someone that I care about passes away, then it is perfectly normal to show the emotion of sadness. When we hide our emotions, we are not being honest with ourselves. In our modern world, it seems that if we are proud or overjoyed, then that is accepted. If we are pleased with something or someone, or even delighted with an experience, then this is just fine in our world.

Typical emotions are good to show, and even more personal emotions are alright to most people. I think that it depends on the amount and types of emotions. Would you want to be spending the day with a highly anxious person? Would you want to spend the day with a person who you know is suffering from depression? If they were a member of your family or a very close friend, then you may not mind as much; but if it is a coworker or acquaintance, then you would more than likely not want to be in their presence as much.You may make opinions about that person as well, or pass judgment on this individual if you do not have a close, personal relationship with him or her. •In Conclusion Therefore, I strongly feel that when it comes to showing emotions in this modern world, I really think it depends on the emotion and the situation. Too much emotion can cause negative feelings from others, whether it is at work or in a public place.

When I am around my family and friends, the people I care about, then I feel it is okay to show emotions.


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