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      Do you see people asking for food or even scraps? There are more than 795 million people starving today globally. One out of seven people in the world go to bed hungry. Yet, 40% of food in the Los Angeles area is thrown away. Starvation is a really severe, sad, and dire problem and so it’s important to know what it means, who is affected by it, what causes it, and what is being done around the world to end it.

According to an article by the Washington Post, “Wars in four countries have left over 20 million people on the brink of starving to death”. Last year there were many countries that were affected by starvation, but the most affected countries are Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen. People in these four countries are in severe danger of starving to death mainly because of wars and poverty.. In Nigeria, five million people are at risk of starving to death.

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According to an article by May Bulman, 90,000 children are expected to die in Nigeria over the next 12 months. Unless action is taken 240 children will die each day because Nigeria has  insufficient resources. In South Sudan there is also five million people at risk of dying from starvation due to the second South Sudanese Civil War. According to an article by Oxfam, almost five million people have been forced to flee their homes due to this brutal South Sudanese Civil War. In Somalia there is almost three million people are at risk of dying from starvation, because according to an article by CNN there is not enough water.

Seven million people at the risk of death from malnutrition in Yemen.      There are many causes of starvation from natrual-disasters such as climate change, floods, earthquakes, and droughts. Starvation can also happen because of things humans do like war, crop destruction, and conflict. The main cause of starvation is made by something that humans created. WAR. According to Wikipedia there has been 33 major wars in just seven years! Those wars effect people in many different ways, they might have to flee from their houses, they could basically lose everything.

Nearly 5 million people in South Sudan are famine just because of the South Sudan civil war. 100,000 of those 5 million people are nearly starving to death just from that one man made disaster. This is just in the South Sudan civil war and there are a lot more of where that came from.

According to an article by the United Nations, Hunger is the number one risk to health in the world, and that’s why destroying hunger is so important.


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