Do Search Engines Make People Lazy? Essay

Search engines has been created since the existence of computer in the early of time which is a tool that is designed for peoples these days for obtaining information from the World Wide Web or also known as the WWW domain. The most popular or commonly used search engines in the market today are Yahoo , Google , Bing and so forth. There is no doubt that almost everyone in this modern era are so getting used of using search engines to lend a hand in completing their tasks and also assignments and in fact large companies are also using it to look for a new innovative ideas in their product development.

But the main question here is ‘ does search engines makes us lazy and stupid ‘ ? Personally , I do feel that everything has its pros and cons and search engines are making people lazy but definitely not stupid. Its actually a smart move to utilize all the resources you have in completing your tasks, jobs and duties faster and effectively in this competitive world , and to those who depends only on their brain will sure to criticize the users of search engines and condemn that search engines are only making humans being lazy and stupid and foolish.

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By using the search engines it does efficiently and effectively enhance the humans intelligence as people are allowed to be taught by other writers or bloggers or normal people who have undergo different stages in life and what to do when you are facing a problems. They become smarter and make better choices in life. Depending on search engines to get faster and effective result are often related to people becoming stupid. Why do they say so?

Mainly I felt that brains are an active organs which require the usage of it or else its going to deteriorate in memories and the abilities to think and by being able to obtain such useful information in the web by search engines , human are definitely lazy enough to be using their brain for the thinking process thus with the limitation usage of the brain our body sends a signal to the brain that we can easily access to information in the World Wide Web with just a click and with that it may relax our brain and as time goes by our brain are stunned and stuck at the level it is and conclusion the slow reaction of brains refer to peoples as ‘ stupid ‘ but in fact its lazy. In conclusion , I do think that search engines still holds the title in making people becoming smarter , intelligent and knowledgeable and it does not necessarily mean that by having a hasty exit in completing their works with the help of search engines makes people lazy and stupid because in this modern world we have to keep moving forward and improve our life no matter how naive and unwilling we are because time waits for no man.


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