DivergentDivergent begins in a advanced Chicago, were

DivergentDivergent is a science fiction-adventure,drama and thriller film created the year 2014.

This film was originally a book created by Veronica Roth, the book received good feedback, because of that Summit Entertainment bought the rights to Divergent. The budget to the film was $80 millions and that’s a pretty original amount of money for a film like Divergent. But that was not a problem at all for Summit Entertainment, they had a income at $288 million. The premiere of the film was in 21 of mars 2014 but in Sweden it was the 30 april 2014. The script of the movie was written by Evan Daugherty And Vanessa Taylor and the Producer Was Lucy Fisher, Pouya Shahbazian and Douglas Wick.The story begins in a advanced Chicago, were it seems to be dried up like a desert.

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A old ship rests on the grass and looks like it’s been there for ages. But if we move on to the rest of the area where people are walking around wearing uniforms that describes there faction. Beatrice Prior(Or the actor Shailene Woodley) talks about the situation society has been after a war when society was divided into factions to have control over the inhabitants.Erudite: Is the intelligent and the most logical thinking people, they dress in a dark color of blue, in today’s society we can link them with politicians or the government. Candor: CAndr is the faction that values the most honest, in today’s society we would compare them with a religion. Candor dress in black and white.Amity: Amity is meant to be for the kind and peaceful. They step up to other factions they were yellow and orange suits.

In today’s society we would compare them with a association that take car of homeless people.Dauntless: The most crazy and fearless go to the faction dauntless they are known for the bravery that they provide for the society. Today we would compare them to Police.

Beatrice’s family is apart of the faction abnegation which is a selfless faction and they don’t have that much power to the society the clothes that they were is light grey the things they do is standing up to the other faction which is not really a faction… They are known as the factionless, it’s not really a faction but they sort of count as one, the reason to why they’re factionless is because they failed training.In a room with 16 year olds decide what they will be the rest of their lives, Beatrice Prior decides to join the faction dauntless with in this turn is sort of like the police of the society, this chocks everybody that Beatrice knows she says goodbye to her parents and leaves to a bunker underground that she and other teenagers that have chosen the same faction/regiment, Beatrice makes friends with a lot of people and decide to go to an club and get a tattoo of three birds. The next day they perform a “Morning training” were everyone except Beatrice seems to know what they’re doing they climb the railroad and swings onboard on the trains that they use for transportation nowadays!Beatrice or Trice as she changed name to “get a story in her new life.” At the training bay Tris clearly sees that she isn’t as good as the other ones because she is in the red zone, which means that she is on the risk of getting remove from the faction and join the factionless, so this motivates her into getting better.After they got to a roadtrip to the fence around the bunker four teaches Tris about fighting techniques which Tris is surprisingly happy about, she also learns when to attack first and when to attack and that’s comes handy soon!Two days later they woke them up from a good sleep and they’re going to a roadtrip and were going to play some capture the flag at the local carnival. Four and Eric are the two leaders of the two teams and four chose Tris.

While they’re figuring out tactics to get the most advantage Tris don’t want to hear anymore and starts doing the tactic that she wants to do, which is climbing the giant ferris wheel, Four also starts climbing after he have seen Tris, but the problem is that Four is afraid of heights. After trying to go down after being shot Tris almost falls down Four saves her in the most logical manner possible and you can almost see some love in that exact moment!At the next training Erik(The other trainer) teaches them how to throw knives which Tris is pretty good at! After the training they were going to have another training session where Tris got to get revenge on Molly(The big women that beats Tris every moment she gets) surprisingly Tris actually beats molly down and she is starting to get out of the red zone which she very proud of herself (Good job Tris!) Four runs a test of Tris in the landscape but it’s only a simulation, her first problem is that she it trapped inside a drowning glass box while people ignore her but she doesn’t do the puzzle correctly because she breaks the glass that would be impossible Four gets scared and closes it down because her cover is blown that she is a divergent.Tris manages to sneak into the erudite building where her brother is currently working. Tris tells Caleb that erudite will destroy other factions starting with abnegation, Caleb agrees. When Tris tries to get to the dauntless bunker 2 officers dressed in black takes Tris’s arm and perform a advantage towards the guards, Tris have had enough and punches them in the gut. Jeanna who is the main person in erudite who’s controlling everything, like where to kill because it’s getting filled up, and can cause a error in the system. Jeanna is very evil and want to sort of destroy society in a sort of manner Tris doesn’t like her at all.After the breath taking moves that Tris performed, when she is returning to the dauntless bunker three masked men they try to carry her away but she manages to breakout out of their moves.

She gets the chance to unmask one of the masked men and does it, the masked man in AI Tris gets shocked and four comes into help her win the epic fight with amazing moves that only Jackie Chan can master! Four bandages Tris while Tris is still shocked by the fact that that was AI, her friend backstabbing her Four tries to calm Tris down but does not manage to master her mind. The next day AI tries apologizing to her after the terrible incident but she gets mad and tells him to leave immediately. When Tris and her friend is heading back to the bunker that they sleep on they see dauntless members taking a body out of the pit! Ita AI that jumped to his death because he was to sad Tris thinks it’s her fault but it’s not AI is the one who was in charge of the incident and has to pay and suffer for what he did. Tris also admits to four that she doesn’t think she will pass the simulation because she fears she is a divergent Four understands her and he is willing into participate into helping her with her dangerous mission that the are heading!Four and Tris gets in a simulation again where they are on high ground and will test if they can overcome their greatest fears of them all Tris suggest to jump down because it’s not real but Four thinks smart because that’s the only thing that a divergent would think of. They go inside a vent and gets trapped and a wall is starting to crush them they discover some tools such as a paintbrush and manages to stop the wall from killing them. Four and Tris gets teleported into another simulation where four is the subject also, this time Four’s fear is to overcome his fear of shooting innocent people, a family of three factionless that are in a family is standing in front of Four, Four needs to kill them to pass on the simulation four tells Tris that he is scared and says he usually looks away when he is about to.

Tris looks away and shoots. The next simulation is where Tris is inside of Four’s home and his dad comes out with a belt and starts attacking Four, Four gets emotional and sad at the same time, Tris does not approve and starts defending Four against his abusive father named Markus which is his father that is very abusive towards Tobias(Four) Now Tris is a Dauntless member, Tris and other dauntless members are tasked to create a new mission. Tris and the other members are getting weapons and gear to complete the mission in zero dauntless members dead. The members gets injected with a tracking deice and sort of a serum that gets controlled over the mind  they get onboard a train to get transported to the mission area. Everyone is standing inline but Tris’s friend spots a male that is not standing inline they sggest that they would follow him because they think he’s a divergent.

When they’ve reached the destination the leading knows that Four and Tris are divergent and aims his gun at her Four turns and aims the gun at her.


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