Disruptive Technologies And The Innovation Dilemma Essay

Disruptive engineering was foremost introduced in Clayton Christensen article Disruptive Technologies: Catching the Wave ( 1995 ) which was co-wrote with Joseph Bower. [ 1 ] In position of concern and engineering Fieldss, as discussed by Clayton Christensen, riotous engineering is a engineering ab initio in a signifier of simple application, so improves and dominates dramatically in the markets, where the markets do non anticipate. Disruptive engineering typically improves in a manner that by being lower priced and designed for assorted subjects of consumers. [ 2 ] Alternatively of leting consumers with tonss of money or tonss of accomplishments to utilize it, riotous engineering is designed in which allow “ whole new population of consumers ” to utilize it, entree its services.

[ 3 ]For leaders of the bing markets, riotous engineering makes possible menaces on them. It is because it competes with the bing leaders of the market in such an unexpected tendency. Leaderships of the bing markets sometimes fail to vie with riotous engineering since they do non anticipate riotous engineering can better and rule dramatically in the markets. By and large, riotous engineering dominates the bing markets by traveling into a new market where the older engineering fails to follow.

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In extra, it enhances and makes betterments in its public presentation until eventually displace the market officeholders. [ 2 ]There are tonss of illustrations of riotous engineering such as personal computing machines, digital memory cards, digital picture taking, and Liquid Crystal Displays ( LCD ) . Personal computing machines displaced the original mainframes computing machines. The dominant of digital memory cards has displaced the floppy discs which were widely used in the yesteryear. [ 4 ]Endnotes:[ 1 ] Bower, Joseph L. & A ; Christensen, Clayton M. ( 1995 ) .

“ Disruptive Technologies: Catching the Wave ” Harvard Business Review, January-February 1995[ 2 ] hypertext transfer protocol: //en.wikipedia.org/ , Wikipedia, Disruptive Technology ( accessed on 6 January 2010 )[ 3 ] hypertext transfer protocol: //www.claytonchristensen.com ( accessed on 6 January 2010 )[ 4 ] hypertext transfer protocol: //en.wikipedia.org/ , Wikipedia, Examples of riotous inventions ( accessed on 6 January 2010 )What is sustainable engineering? How does it differ from riotous engineering? ( 1/2 to one page )Sustainable engineering improves established merchandises public presentation without replacing them. Sustainable engineering is normally developed by well-established company which normally holds a leading place in the corresponding industries.

By and large, most of the new engineerings and inventions improve the public presentation of merchandises. The term sustainable engineering was introduced by Clayton Christensen in 2003:“ What all prolonging engineerings have in common is that they improve the public presentation that mainstream clients in major markets have historically valued. ” [ 1 ]In general, sustainable engineering does non make side consequence on the bing markets. Sustainable engineering can be classified into two classs: Revolutionary or Evolutionary.

For Revolutionary engineering, clients are allowed to cover with a job in a radically average while for Evolutionary engineering, merchandises in an bing market are improved in such ways that clients are anticipating. [ 2 ]Sustainable engineering purposes to prolong the organisation ‘s focal point, and sustainable engineering normally satisfies current clients ‘ demands, while riotous engineering does non ab initio better the focal point of an organisation. They sometimes do non hold a market when they are created.

In position of the difference between officeholders and entrants in footings of engineering acceptance, since sustainable engineerings are good established together with the domination of strong participants in their markets, an entrant may take to get down with alternate engineerings. Besides, riotous engineerings have lower gross borders, smaller size of mark markets and simpler merchandises, which allow them to transport out by either house. [ 3 ] Nevertheless, when compared to disruptive engineering, merchandises of sustainable engineering are normally regarded as excessively expensive to be adopted and preferred alternatively of excessively inexpensive that no 1 privation to follow and prefer. [ 4 ]Endnotes:[ 1 ] Christensen C. 2003. The Innovator ‘s Dilemma, Harper Collins Press[ 2 ] hypertext transfer protocol: //en.

wikipedia.org/ , Wikipedia ( accessed on 7 January 2010 )[ 3 ] hypertext transfer protocol: //www.claytonchristensen.com ( accessed on 6 January 2010 )[ 4 ] Xiao Huang – Greys Sosic 2008.

Prolonging V. Disruptive Technology: Industry Equilibrium under Technology Evolution, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 90089Directors in successful, ongoing concern are more comfy with which type of engineering – disruptive or sustainable? Explain your reply. Exemplify it with illustrations. ( One page )Alternatively of riotous engineering, sustainable engineering which serves the present clients and puts accent on incremental betterments is more comfy to develop and keep from the point of positions of directors who are making ongoing and successful concern.Since the bulk of progresss are sustainable engineerings, with the established engineerings, developed good repute of the organisations and relationship with the clients in the mainstream markets, it is no uncertainty that directors in ongoing concern will experience more comfy in those sustainable engineerings. [ 1 ]In the mainstream markets, there are adequate providers willing to develop and back up the new engineering and clients to purchase it. In the computing machine industry, as a director of Intel Corporation, it is more comfy for them to execute uninterrupted promotion on the treating power of Intel ‘s incorporate french friess as a sustainable engineering since there are adequate providers such as Tenco Electronics Co. and IT Market Web to back up their development and big groups of mainstream clients to purchase them.

[ 2 ] As a director in an organisation, a stable and sustainable market is preferred.In the health care industry, applications which are used to pull off the assets and traditional supply concatenation are normally considered as sustainable applications. It is nil but the betterments and sweetenings in the bing procedures for the mainstream clients such as the big infirmaries. Suppliers of these applications include the big infirmary providers and Radio Frequency Identification ( RFID ) advisers. [ 3 ] With the big supports behind, directors are much used to prefer sustainable engineering.Sometimes, if an organisation chooses to follow riotous engineerings alternatively of sustainable engineerings, rapid engineering betterments may overshoot the mainstream markets.

This is a important perplexing job for a director in an organisation. Taking the manufacturer of artworks cards – Nvidia as an illustration, the development of engineerings and merchandises were good ab initio. [ 4 ] However, a big difference to their clients ‘ demand was eventually reached when the figure of polygons rendered per second was increased quickly every consecutive betterment.

From the position of directors in an on-going, successful concern, sustainable engineering is more preferable in general.Endnotes:[ 1 ] hypertext transfer protocol: //www.hartnall.com ( accessed on 9 January 2010 )[ 2 ] hypertext transfer protocol: //www.alibaba.com/suppliers/Intel ( accessed on 9 January 2010 )[ 3 ] Karen Crooker, Dirk Baldwin, Suresh Chalasani, RFID Technology: Applications in the Healthcare Industry, European Journal of Scientific Research, 2009[ 4 ] hypertext transfer protocol: //en.

wikipedia.org/ , Wikipedia, Nvidia ( accessed on 9 January 2010 )What does Christensen intend when he asserts that many great companies went out of concern because they were excessively focused on fulfilling their clients ‘ stated demands? How can the illustration of Digital Equipment Corporation ( DEC ) be used to exemplify this point? Explain your reply. Illustrate with extra illustrations. ( 1 – 2 Pages )Many great companies were excessively focused on fulfilling their clients stated demands, really, they do non hold much troubles on wining this aim in order to develop their sustainable engineering. It is barely for directors in a good concern to prosecute in worse borders.

But this is the job, they were excessively focused on their high-end markets and the low-end riotous engineerings markets sometimes do non do sense to them. That ‘s why DEC ‘s leaders and applied scientists viewed Personal computers as underpowered plaything. However, DEC eventually went out of concern. [ 1 ]DEC ‘s PDP and VAX merchandises were considered the most popular minicomputers for both scientific and technology industries during the 1970s and 1980s. [ 2 ] Their direction squad was considered as the best squad in the industry. However, the outgrowth of personal computers had destroyed DEC eventually. This was the job of their concern theoretical account. The mainstream market for DEC was clients who brought high-end minicomputers at high borders.

These computing machines were wealth to purchase powerful computing machines. In contrast of DEC ‘s minicomputers, personal computers were mass produced to clients who were expected to utilize low-priced computing machines with small aid from the makers at low borders. Initially, personal computers could non run into the high-end markets but over a consecutive betterment, they met the most demanding markets.The ground of the prostration of DEC instead than the personal computers corporations such as Apple, Dell was that DEC was excessively focused on their high-end markets and could non develop new markets for their merchandises.

DEC was forced by those personal computers corporations to concentrate on their high-ends markets and clients in which the borders were considered as better and more profitable. However, after betterment of personal computers public presentation, most of the personal computers could make the most occupations every bit good as the minicomputers did. The dream of DEC was eventually over and the most-demanding market was low cost personal computers finally.

[ 3 ]The other illustration was Eastman Kodak which missed out the digital picture taking revolution. In the yesteryear, Kodak dominated the chemically based photographic procedure markets. Their lone rival was the Nipponese company, Fuji, but really did non do excessively much menace to Kodak at that minute.In the yesteryear, Kodak had put 100s 1000000s of dollars into a chemically based system which focused on fulfilling their mainstream clients demands. Nevertheless, an outgrowth of a riotous engineering – digital picture taking revolution had made a immense clout to Kodak chemically based photographic procedure concern.

Digital picture taking engineering was created in Japan. When the first Nipponese VHS and Betamax camera systems were available in the markets, Kodak ‘s Polaroid chemically based system no longer made sense when compared to digital picture taking. Nevertheless, Kodak ‘s did nil and tried to disregard this tidal moving ridge nearing on them. Finally, they missed the opportunity of digital picture taking revolution and lost 100s 1000000s of dollars of investing which was tantamount to one million millions dollars today. [ 4 ] Although digital picture taking was developed eventually in Kodak presents, Kodak had to pay a immense monetary value for their hold in digital picture taking revolution. The digital transmutation required a series of layoffs and installations closing, cutting 12,000-15,000 occupations around the universe.

A 20 % -25 % decrease in its work force was happened since 2000. [ 5 ]In decision, refer to Christensen and the illustrations of DEC and Kodak illustrated in the old paragraphs it is non a good pattern for successful, ongoing companies excessively focused on fulfilling their bing clients stated demands. They should develop their wider field of positions into a new market and do important readying to defy the tidal moving ridge from others riotous engineerings.Endnotes:[ 1 ] hypertext transfer protocol: //www.alumni.

hbs.edu/bulletin/1999/april/qanda.html ( accessed on 10 January 2010 )[ 2 ] hypertext transfer protocol: //en.

wikipedia.org/ , Wikipedia, Digital Equipment Corporation ( accessed on 10 January 2010 )[ 3 ] hypertext transfer protocol: //www.datasentinel.com/files/dataSentinel ( accessed on 10 January 2010 )[ 4 ] hypertext transfer protocol: //www.

articlesbase.com/ , Stock Research – Eastman Kodak And The Power Of Disruptive Technologies ( accessed on 10 January 2010 )[ 5 ] hypertext transfer protocol: //en.wikipedia.org/ , Wikipedia, Eastman Kodak ( accessed on 10 January 2010 )Explain how lowly riotous engineerings can finally excel successful bing dominant engineerings in gross revenues, proficient capableness, and profitableness. Exemplify your reply, utilizing either the illustration of computing machine disc engineering, power shovel engineering, or steel production engineering.

( 1 – 2 pages )In low-end riotous engineerings, at the beginning, disrupters aim to function the least profitable clients who are satisfactory with good adequate merchandises. These types of clients do non mean to pay tonss in bettering the functionality of the merchandises. Subsequently, the disrupters try to better their net income border by seeking clients who are traveling to pay little more for better quality of the merchandises. Therefore, the disrupters are required to introduce. It is common for officeholders try to be off from non so profitable border and move to function more attractive clients.

After consecutive brushs, the officeholders are pressed out into a smaller market. Finally, the disrupters reach the most profitable markets and throw out the established organisations out of the markets. [ 1 ]Taking computing machine disc thrusts engineering as an illustration, NAND Flash is a typical low-end riotous engineering. [ 2 ] NAND Flash has a great impact on computing machine storage concern in position of proficient and economic facets.

For the intent of low storage application, FAND Flash is really cheaper than the difficult disc thrusts. In footings of random I/O operations, FAND Flash has a higher public presentation than difficult disc thrusts. A individual NAND SSD can hold a 10-30K random I/O operations per second ( IOPS ) , while a individual difficult disc thrust can merely hold 250 IOPS. At the markets where clients involvement in low storage capacity instead than high storage capacity, FAND Flash is much more cost effectual than difficult disc thrusts. In order words, FAND Flash has squeezed difficult disc thrusts out of the low-storage concern market.The cost of mechanical constituents of a difficult disc is around $ 20, while the disc accountant costs around $ 3. [ 2 ] The smallest capacity of a difficult disc is a individual platter and extra platters provide incremental capacity. Say, the smallest capacity platter of a modern 2.

5 ” difficult disc thrust is 160GB and capacity will increase over clip when proficient capablenesss improve.The cost of a individual NAND Flash bit is by and large between $ 1 and $ 8, depending on public presentation and denseness. Currently, a 4GB NAND bit utilizing multi-level cells ( MLC ) costs around $ 7 while the accountant is the same of that in difficult disc thrusts. [ 2 ] For certain capacities, say lower storage capacity, NAND Flash really costs less than the minimal cost of a difficult disc thrust. This is the ground behind why USB storage thrusts normally adopt the usage of NAND Flash.Now, it can be explained that below the cross-over point, FAND Flash is much more cost effectual while above the cross-over point, difficult disc thrusts are much more cost effectual.

However, it is of great importance that we should be noticed that the shifting of the cross-over point towards a higher storage capacities.Moore ‘s jurisprudence has a long history in the application of computing machine hardware. The capablenesss of many electronic devices are strongly related to Moore ‘s jurisprudence, such as the storage capacity. [ 3 ] NAND Flash which is made of semiconducting material is benefited from Moore ‘s jurisprudence. With the betterment of public presentation of semiconducting material, the storage capacity of FAND Flash has exponentially increased, and so the difficult disc thrusts do. Therefore, FAND Flash will non squash difficult disc thrusts out of high-storage capacity.

Nevertheless, the cross-over point is traveling towards a higher storage capacity, say today it is around 16GB but four old ages subsequently, it is about 64GB, and eight old ages subsequently, the cross-over point might even make to around 400GB. [ 2 ] As a consequence, the low-end market of FAND Flash is spread outing continuously. The markets below the cross-over point of FAND Flash are spread outing while seting the markets of difficult disc thrusts below cross-over point into force per unit area and diminished. It gives us an deduction that when the cross-over point exceeds the sum of storage capacity needed, people will travel to purchase the cheaper one computing machine memory storage disc, that is the FAND Flash. Therefore, difficult disc thrusts will eventually be out of concern.

In decision, taking the illustration of FAND Flash and difficult disc thrusts in computing machine disc engineering, low-end riotous engineerings can finally excel successful bing dominant engineerings.Endnotes:[ 1 ] hypertext transfer protocol: //en.wikipedia.org/ , Wikipedia, Disruptive Technology ( accessed on 12 January 2010 )[ 2 ] hypertext transfer protocol: //www.realworldtech.com/ , NAND Flash: A Authoritative Disruptive Technology by David Kanter, 30th December 2009 ( accessed on 12 January 2010 )[ 3 ] hypertext transfer protocol: //en.

wikipedia.org/ , Wikipedia, Moore ‘s jurisprudence ( accessed on 12 January 2010 )For each of the undermentioned classs of employees in a successful company, explicate why persons in these classs are loath to defend riotous engineerings in their organisation:Senior executive ( 1/2 to one page )In-between directors ( 1/2 to one page )Gross saless people ( 1/2 to one page )Senior executiveFrom the point of positions of senior executives, the alteration of the developed mature organisational constructions is irrelevant and they found hard in altering their mature organisational constructions. A manager in a planetary food market concern said that:“ One of the most hard challenges I face is traveling into the board room and inquiring for alterations in our operations and constructions, since the original manuals were written by three chief board members about 15 old ages ago. ” [ 1 ]In extra, when see the investing of new engineering, senior executives have to guarantee that the investing in new engineering is appropriate. This engineering should maintain path with the current technological systems. It is a hard undertaking for senior executives to compose off old investing and put into a new engineering. However, it is the most of import determination they have to do.

Middle directorsIn a maturing organisation, in-between directors normally tend to go excessively comfy on their normal plants. They are non willing to defend riotous engineerings since it is non deserving for them to taking hazards outside their comfort zone. They are non willing to defend riotous engineerings since it is non deserving for them to take hazards outside their comfort zone. Most of the center directors are excessively focused within their subjects to give their work assignments. They are non willing to take hazards to place thoughts or engineerings outside their subjects. In extra, they find that it is of a great challenge to pull off and take an interdisciplinary squad.

[ 1 ]In a maturing organisation, since the cognition has been accumulated for many old ages, this cognition developed from past experiences is the modus operandis and behaviours for in-between directors to follow. From the point of positions of in-between directors, it does non do any sense to fling this cognition. In-between directors are normally unwilling to acquire rid of their modus operandis and behaviours.Gross saless peopleSimilarly, gross revenues people in a maturing organisation are loath to defend riotous engineerings in their organisation. As they are used to sell their merchandises and engineerings based on their major subjects, it is non comfy and does non do sense to sell new engineerings to clients who are out of their current subjects. [ 2 ]A well and stable relationship between gross revenues people and clients is developed and established in a maturing organisation, it is hard for them to sell new engineerings or the unexpected riotous engineerings to their long-run clients without support so.From the point of positions of gross revenues people, riotous engineerings are new engineerings which are required to research a new market of clients. As a gross revenues people, they are loath to develop relationship with an unexpected group of clients, sometimes, it is hard for them to happen new clients if the riotous engineerings are non successful.

They do non desire to take hazard to research into those unexpected part.Endnotes:[ 1 ] hypertext transfer protocol: //www.allbusiness.com ( accessed on 15 January 2010 )[ 2 ] Albert Harold Rubenstein, Eliezer Geisler, “ Installing and pull offing feasible cognition direction systems ” , Greenwood Publishing Group 2003What can organizations make to promote the fosterage of riotous engineerings? ( One page )From the direction point of positions, there are several managerial recommendations for organisations to promote the fosterage of riotous engineerings. These recommendations for organisations are discussed in the undermentioned paragraphs.First, it is of great importance for organisations to cognize that options are non limited. Organizations should non “ be fixed in the land ” , where merely carry through their current clients ‘ demands.

They should maintain seeking for options, although taking the opportunities indiscriminately is a small spot hazardous. However, taking the opposite point of positions, it is deserving to maintain discover options to support the menaces from other riotous engineerings. [ 1 ]Second, a knowledge-based organisation must be developed continually in nowadays markets. Organizations should look further, be proactive and have a wider sight of positions. The internal and external environments in an organisation should be closely monitored.

Once there is a sudden alteration or menace come from, the organisation can react to the alteration suitably for both internal and external environments. Executive direction should be dynamic, maintain path with the alteration of concern ecosystem such that they can put up the proper and latest organisational schemes to steer the organisations. [ 1 ]The 3rd focal point is the organisation ‘s construction which has a great impact on how the house can react to alter suitably. Actually, organisation construction is the most of import factor to find the operation of a concern.

A good executive leading and direction programs can barely win if there is no flexible organisation construction which responds and adopts efficaciously and expeditiously to the alterations. [ 1 ] Leaderships at the executive degree should hold a clear head on the organisation constructions and the deductions of that construction in order to develop and further a riotous engineering successfully, heighten the fight of the organisation in the markets.In extra, it is of import to analyse the relationship between extremist research and the established concern units.

Establishing some distance between these two is critical. Organizations should aware that there is a possible hazard of making a sustainable merchandise alternatively of a riotous merchandise, if the concern units are allowed to impact the terminal merchandise excessively much. [ 1 ]Finally, harmonizing to Bower and Christensen ‘s article, Disruptive Technologies: Catching the Wave, a possible disruptive engineering is sometimes considered as unpleasant by traditional undertaking direction systems.

[ 2 ] Therefore, the systems should promote employees to hold a wider sight of position. Employees at all degrees of the organisations should be interested about progress engineerings for both inside and outside their industries. In order to be successful, ends and values should be incorporated into the organisation ‘s guiding rules.Endnotes:[ 1 ] Dr. LEE, TERADYNE CASE, BUSA 541.

The JKF Group, 12th October 2002[ 2 ] Bower, Joseph L. & A ; Christensen, Clayton M. ( 1995 ) . “ Disruptive Technologies: Catching the Wave ” Harvard Business Review, January-February 1995


Let ‘s state you have been asked to compose a book reappraisal of The Innovator ‘s Dilemma by a taking scholarly concern diary. This should be an in-depth reappraisal of approximately five pages length ( individual infinite ) . In the reappraisal, you should make the followers:Highlight key points raised by ChristensenDiscuss how Christensen ‘s positions are radical, in the sense that they go against much of what we have been taught by concern schools ( e.g.

, Do all you can to fulfill the client )Discuss how Christensen ‘s penetrations reveal a major ground that organisation ‘s resist alterationDiscuss possible failings of Christensen ‘s attack – for illustration, are at that place engineerings and/or countries of concern and authorities where his point of views do n’t do sense? ( Hint: The reply is ‘yes ‘ . )Use the book reappraisal as an chance to showcase your personal positions ( the best book reappraisal ever do this )

A book reappraisal on Clayton Christensen ‘s book, The Innovator ‘s Dilemma

In this book, Christensen has highlighted some cardinal points sing the term riotous engineerings. Sometimes, it could be called riotous inventions. Disruptive engineerings or inventions were considered as engineerings or inventions turn overing the bing order in an industry.

Initially, clients who were non served by the current market were the chief mark of riotous engineerings and inventions. Under consecutive capacity or public presentation betterments, the low-end inventions squeezed out the officeholders in the mainstream markets. Christensen criticized officeholders were non sensitive to the riotous engineerings and officeholders normally focused on fulfilling the demands of their mainstream clients. In general, officeholders did non react sensitively to defy the menace brought from others riotous engineerings until it were excessively late to make anything, say an organisation eventually went out of concern. Sometimes, directors were non comfy and non interested in those low borders. They were non willing to develop riotous engineerings or inventions as they considered researching a new market was taking a hazard.Christensen have explained the ground behind why organisations collapsed and failed in their concern in malice of being the top place in the markets, holding the ability to develop the best and capable sustainable inventions and engineerings in their industries.

This is a job of their concern theoretical account. Sustainable engineerings betterment was non the ground for the leaders went out of concern in an industry. At the clip being, they developed their ability and capableness to vie in their high-end market. However, it was mentioned by Christensen that these were sustainable engineerings and inventions which were already utilized by the best organisations in the industries.Following an “ s-curve ” , bettering public presentation was already expected by their clients. With the well established relationships with clients, good developed repute, sufficient money and more advance technological power in the market, leaders normally did non neglect. Until the outgrowth of riotous engineerings, the narrative had changed.

Disruptive engineerings were even a incubus of directors. In the contrary, riotous engineerings are so much cheaper, where they explored and opened a new market in which the mainstream officeholders did non see to research. But at the minute the rate of betterment of public presentation of the riotous engineerings and inventions exceeds the users ‘ demands, they surpassed the high-end and mainstream engineerings and inventions finally.Christensen ‘s positions were radical in position of technological and advanced concern. He mentioned that great houses succeeded because they listened to their clients ‘ demands and invested sharply in the engineerings and inventions. However, at the average clip, great houses failed with the same ground, listened to their clients and set their great attempt to fulfill their clients.

It was radical compared to the traditional construct of concern schools, which sold the construct of making all the best to fulfill your clients. Christensen did research on the history of disc thrust industry. He showed the grounds behind why the taking established drive markers were unable to make the 8-inch thrust market. It is because of the hold of strategic committedness to come in into the emerging market.Christensen ‘s penetrations had revealed a major ground why great constituted houses in the markets resist to alterations.

Christensen had mentioned that since established organisation ‘s construction and groups working together were easing the design of its dominant engineerings and inventions, the organisation ‘s construction and the groups larning to work together could be affected and could non plan new merchandises. Organizations required really different technological capablenesss called extremist alteration. Actually, constituted houses were sensitive, aggressive and advanced in footings of their sustainable engineerings and inventions. But the grounds why they resisted alterations were the job of downward vision and mobility in footings of Christensen ‘s flight map. Finding alterations and new engineerings markets for each of the houses seemed to look one time when they were foremost established and so seemingly lost eventually. This opposition to alterations maintain traveling continuously.Despite there were much supportive commentaries on Christensen ‘s attack sing the issue on riotous engineerings and inventions, but nil is perfect. There were some failings of his attack.

It seemed that Christensen ‘s position did non see the overall socio-political environment and human factors in world.In this book, the big incorporate steel Millss industries displaced by those mini-mills steel industries was taken as an illustration by Christensen. Christensen put accent on how mini-mill first come ining into the low border markets and so squeezed out the incorporate Millss when mini-mill engineering, public presentation and quality improved. However, the alleviating effects of labor-management relationships were non considered in this instance by Christensen. He did non see if the brotherhoods want to accept new labour regulations necessitating more flexible occupation descriptions.

Whether direction willing to set wage graduated tables with workers who were trained in and able to execute occupations was non considered. However, evidently, Christensen did non see the effects of labor-management relationships. Furthermore, for the illustration of replacing of steam shoves by hydraulicly operated equipment, one inquiry should be asked, “ Were labour brotherhoods, and direction, averse to retraining equipment operators who had many old ages invested in going ace in operation and usage of, a peculiar engineering? ”In general, in position of human nature, people approached to maintain away from alterations, particularly unexpected alterations from riotous engineerings. However, riotous engineerings required people to accept and follow the alterations. It did non a must for people being loath to disruptive engineering.

There were little parts of people who trailing the latest engineerings and placed cost into lower degree of consideration. These were the first groups of people to accept riotous engineerings. Taking personal computing machines as an illustration, really, they were expensive and did non hold excessively many maps when they were foremost introduced in 1970s. ( Wikipedia, 2010 ) Most people did non acknowledge the usage of personal computing machines at place. But with those groups of people who like trailing the latest engineerings, finally, monetary values went down and public presentation of personal computing machines climbed up. Ultimately, people began to utilize personal computing machines in place and workplaces.Christensen in his book mentioned that riotous engineerings came from a low cost border and displaced the high-end border. However, Christensen ‘s riotous engineerings or inventions did non ever make sense.

For illustrations, atomic bomb was certainly riotous, but it had ne’er been low cost border and it did be a batch of money. Electric operated vehicles would displace gasolene vehicles, but it ne’er cost at low border. ( John Dvorak, 2004 )Finally, from my point of positions, although Christensen mentioned that we should non lose out the boats of riotous engineerings by excessively focused on fulfilling clients ‘ demands:“ Our decision is that a primary ground why such houses lose their places of industry leading when faced with certain types of technological changeaˆ¦because they listen excessively carefully to their clients ” ( Christensen and Bower, 1996 )I believed there was some misunderstanding on their decision. Indeed, foremost of wholly, we should do favoritism between current clients and possible clients. Actually, being excessively focused on clients did non intend an sole focal point on current clients harmonizing to the term called “ client compelled ” :“ a house may go basically flexing over rearward to carry through every caprice of current clients, even at the disbursal of the company ‘s short-run and long-run performanceaˆ¦ a customer-oriented house can function current clients and remain argus-eyed for un-served emerging markets ” ( Day, 1999 )Furthermore, really, organisations which put their focal points on future clients alternatively of current clients had a greater grade of extremist merchandise invention and engineerings.

( Chandy and Tellis, 1998 ) In my sentiment, the organisations and companies stated in Christensen ‘s book were described as holding a superficial apprehension of their clients ‘ demands. In fact, an organisation which put great focal point on their client should understand the possible demands of its clients. Currently, an extended toolkit for analyzing profoundly into clients ‘ demands ( Aaker, Kumar and Day, 2000 ) and new techniques like empathetic design ( Leonard and Rayport, 1997 ) were developed by many market research scholars continually.Christensen recommended that officeholders should put up an independent organisation for set abouting the riotous engineerings and inventions. I asked a inquiry myself, is making an independent organisation the best method to prosecute riotous engineerings? Christensen argued that in order for directors to be interested in the little market for riotous engineerings, the size of the organisations should be matched with the size of the chance suitably. There were merely three officeholders reached the successful concern with riotous engineerings in the full history of the difficult disc industry as mentioned in his book. However, merely two out of three resulted from puting up an independent organisation for set abouting the riotous engineerings.Hewlett-Packard and Schwab were two organisations making their concern on developing inkjet pressmans and developing on-line trading severally.

At the beginning, an independent organisation was set up by Hewlett-Packard to prosecute riotous engineerings. However, the riotous engineerings concern bended into the mainstream concern finally when it grew larger in graduated table and became more profitable to command equal resources. For Schwab, a separate organisation called e-Schwab was established. Unfortunately, e-Schwab was eventually integrated into Schwab in order to work out the channel struggle between these two organisations.

Gulatin and Garino ( 2002 ) concluded that a separate organisation brought the organisation to give up cooperation in buying, information sharing and client service. Organizations making an independent organisation to prosecute riotous engineerings and inventions required to pay a tradeoff. Actually, it was still a controversial issue on which 1 was the best manner to prosecute riotous engineerings, the mainstream organisations or dividing independent divisions. Research should be done on this issue in the hereafter.

In decision, cardinal points mentioned by Clayton Christensen were discussed. I hope this book reappraisal on Clayton Christensen ‘s book, The Innovator ‘s Dilemma, will promote more research and survey by concern bookmans and pull more attending in these countries sing riotous engineerings and inventions in the hereafter.


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