Discussion Questions: Audience Analysis, Cultural Issues, and Nature of Truth Essay

Discussion Questions: Audience Analysis, Cultural Issues, and Nature of Truth1.

Audience Analysis and Term Papers            In attempting to write an excellent term paper, aside from completing an in-depth research on the topic and developing a sound discussion knowing the traits and preferences of the instructor is also a definite approach in getting an A or better. Maintaining the interest of the one who evaluates the term paper from the first sentence to the final remarks requires a sufficient knowledge of personal preferences. Besides word choice, knowing the topics which interest the instructor the most is a good way of thinking of possible issues to be tackled throughout the term paper.2. Cultural Issues: Hybrid Culture            Most would not realize how usual it is to communicate through a hybrid culture nowadays. The web is a common place for the communicating in a third hybrid culture. For me, the most recent example would be a comment that I placed in a blog wherein the author is from Asia. Subsequent comments and soon enough discussions emerged which possibly involved more than two cultures as more people gave their insights.

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The best evidence to the existence of a hybrid culture is the formation of a consensus despite initially providing thoughts solely influenced by their respective cultures.3. To Tell the Truth            In business correspondence, dishonesty is a serious issue because it only means one thing: lost clients. Years back, I learned that even eminent telecommunication companies may engage in dishonest practices. Basically, I was tricked into availing of additional services due to the bonuses that supposedly comes with it. In the end, after signing up, I was informed through mail that most of such bonuses have already been changed if not removed. After expressing my disbelief, I immediately terminated the contract when an opportunity to do so came.

I might have become a loyal client if not for their deceitful actions. 


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