Discuss your career goals. What skills do you expect to gain Essay

5-years dedication for SSSS with my heart and soul made me realize that finance is a well-being where my soul can rest upon for my whole life. The mobility in several different positions facilitates me to have a complete picture of a typical Chinese financial corporation. I have a clear blueprint about where I am going and how can I get there. I aspire to become a senior executive of a Chinese financial institution expanding abroad.

INSEAD is really tailor-made for me.Firstly, INSEAD is well known of its globalization, so is finance. In the competitive dynamic business environment, updating knowledge solely based on financial journals can’t suffice me to survive.

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Cultivating a more adoptive learning method is far more important than the acquired knowledge itself. During my postgraduate study, the lectures of Prof. Jean Dermine from INSEAD were so inspiring by dint of his ability to decompose a sophisticated economic phenomenon into a combination of a set of fundamental elements, which is an essential skill for me. In such a front line of both academic and professional fields, I could practice and further optimize and personalize my professional skills.

Secondly, “General Management Approach” is precisely what I need to achieve my career goal. Nowadays, how to manage a globalized corporation in a multi-culture environment is exactly what Chinese financial institutions are having trouble in. With the opening-up of Chinese financial market, the professional knowledge should be armed so as to keep up with the times. Now, when hundreds of Chinese corporations are acquiring offshore firms, they have to be passive investors because they can not succeed in managing a truly globalized corporation without the general managerial skills. That will be the incision point of my career.Thirdly, INSEAD boasts international mindset and enrichment through diversity.

This diversity is an extremely valuable fortune. It may offer me a chance to understand other industries through granting me true visions of those experts. Meanwhile, the interaction with professionals from different countries can enhance my ability to work without boundaries and become a truly global executive.

Also, I truly admire and respect the ethic of INSEAD- “work hard, play hard”. It is a perfect match for me, a person of determination and concentration. INSEAD can forge my ability to work hard and wisely.I have deep love for the banking industry. It can arouse my passion and excitement and trigger so many reflections and thoughts. I really admire Mr.

ZHOU Xiaochuan, a Chinese economist, banker, and reformist As governor of the People’s Bank of China, he has been in charge of the monetary policy of China. He is considered as semi-RMB’s father by western media. As time goes by, I firmly believe that a true RMB’s father will appear and the banking industry will also change for the better day by day. It’s really my honor to witness the initial period of a national commercial bank expansion abroad. It will also be my honor to contribute to her growth and maturity in the future.

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