Discuss One Change in the UAE Whether is It Good or Bad? Essay

Over the past 20 years, United Arab Emirates has developed in each single way that it could be. Started since H. H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan turned our country from a deadly desert to a fresh green land.

His highness started the journey of thousand steps and Sheikh Khalifa and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid are completing it. United Arab Emirates has changed a lot than before, one of the most important changes that happened is the development of the Education in the country. This huge change took UAE up above to other modern countries.Taking Education from the level that it was in to the level it is in now is a good change to UAE and its citizens. Education at the past wasn’t as easy as it is now, many difficulties showed up when people at the past were studying.

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White boards, books, pencils and the stuff we need for studying was that much available. Nowadays, we don’t even need these things to complete our studying, schools are using laptops and modern inventions like iPad’s for the school and leaving books away.This way of changing is a great change that UAE should be proud of. On the other hand, other countries are trying to reach what our country reached in the last 20 years, feel’s like we’re in competition at school, but it is in life to get educated, not in anyway but by using an easy way. At the past girls didn’t get educated, but now women in UAE are reaching high position at work after finishing university and completing even their higher Education.Although people didn’t feel like studying at the past, but as I heard from my mother and grandmother, UAE government tried to use a perfect way to let citizens start educating.

The way that UAE thinks to take it self to a high position in the world and being one of the most developed and modern country is a good way and it absolutely crash up the records in developing. Education had the best of UAE’s change, especially that people from other countries are coming to UAE to complete their Education in our schools or even universities.Comparing educated people in our country by uneducated ones, you will find out that you wont reach even half of it. Educated.

UAE never stopped when it reached the top, it is still trying to be the best of the bests and it is accomplishing that. Education is one of the changes that happened in the UAE and it took it to the top, so what about other changes and where did they get UAE to?


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