Discrimination and Prejudice between Employees.Favoritism and nepotism that some directions show towards some of its employees is a good documented quandary that seems to besides be in organisations worldwide.I have been working for three old ages during which I have noticed that our direction have been demoing bias towards one of its employees. Although all of us working within the same section show greater competence and working accomplishments than this employee, it has become apparent that the drive force behind this bias was the employee ‘s known connexion and relationship with company ‘s CEO. At the beginning I thought that the direction ‘s chief concern would be the company ‘s involvements, but with clip I realized that this was non truly of import since this employee have been commiting all kinds of misdemeanors that should hold placed him under probe old ages before I was employed.

I am confident today that the direction is cognizant of this employee ‘s working public presentation every bit good as attitude jobs but have decided non to turn to the issue because of this employee ‘s connexions.The job has detonated now that this employee have been assigned as a deputy during the one-year leave of the section ‘s caput, which consequences in puting the whole section in a province of bad luck and anxiousness because we know that during this period we will be faced with moving ridges of work maltreatment and unfair behaviors. My co-workers every bit good as I know for certain that we can non make anything and are now left with the despairing want that this employee will one twenty-four hours commit a immense felony that will give the higher direction no other option but to end him.If you think that this job can be solved otherwise, delight experience free to portion with me your thoughts and solutions.Summary:Prejudice is an unfavorable sentiment or feelings formed beforehand or without cognition, thought or ground ; as an old stating suggest: “It is non what you know it is who you know” .It is truly an unethical behavior to humanity, as it encourages many pragmatics or Machiavellian to be inleading direction places.The job is caused by two issues:a. Ingratiation: exchanging favors for supervisors or colleagues.

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B. Lack of an effectual, just and clear public presentation rating system and unluckily the current public presentation rating is rather subjective with no mensurable standards.This phenomenon keeps the safety of the patients at hazard since inexperienced and unqualified wellness attention suppliers are promoted.Decision of the possible solutions:1.

A proper policy and process which match the mission, vision and ends of the organisation must be established which will place assorted undertakings which will include the standard operational processs of each assignment.2. Favoritism and nepotism policy demand to be issued to place such patterns and how to command and maintain it under observation ( e.

g. of such policy you can be found on the undermentioned nexus: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.ferris.edu/htmls/administration/adminandfinance/Human/HRPPs/FSU-HRPP0419NepotismAndFavoritism.pdf ) .3.

Keeping every thing written and documented and to move in a really professional manner with this individual non to let him to cover with any employee in a personal manner.4. Communicating what is happeningsupported by strong informations to higher authorization which my CEO study to.5. Continue on what I am making and allow the nature take its class.6. The concluding solution they all suggest me is to alter my workplace, but am non certain that I will non confront the same state of affairs once more, as it is a broad spread phenomenon all over the universe.My Responses to my co-workers:1.

Can we make Nipponese quality?Yes, our society can make Nipponese quality system, if they can get down organize zero why non we? ? It is ne’er excessively late for abright beginning.Still we canintroduce new rulesand better the current regulations in our schools andcompanies based on teamwork, harmoniousness and consensus edifice.
If we want the employees contribute meaningfully to the corporation we should make conditions in which the employees feel themselves valued, and I think this is one of the secrets behind Nipponese success.2. Abuse ill leave system:It ‘s a nice subject Dr. Khaled, because this is one of the most bothersome issues we are confronting in our current work environment, here are some solutions which may work to observe and command this phenomenon:

  1. Working in little groups and pass oning absence rates to employees on notice boards.
  2. Interviewing employees after every absence, irrespective of length.

  3. Promote the employees to account unusual activity, including unexplained alterations in the life style of their co-workers.
  4. Supplying stress-free on the job environment.
  5. Challenge physicians who issue certifications excessively readily, even if they are non deceitful.
  6. Check the employees ‘ sick leave record, if there is a tendency of intermittent absences ; we have to look for the unwellness grounds, and so the employee should undergo a medical rating to set up whether undiagnosed medical status is at the root of the job.
  7. Restrict the ill leave yearss, if the ill leave entitlements have been exceeded so the employee should be advised that farther absences will non be paid, even if a ill certification is produced.


Communication and struggle. How strong is the relation?Notall conflictis bad ; struggle focused on work outing existent jobs can ensue in better solution or in originative solution.Language barrier is non the lone cause of hapless communicating ; there are some more barriers like: Physical barriers, Attitude barriers, Psychological factors, Physiological barriers andPoor leading.Here are some keys to successful work topographic point communicating:

  1. Personal contact is indispensable.

    Peoples communicate to one another better when they can garner and read each other ‘s organic structure linguistic communication. If personal contact is non possible, the following best manner to link is by speaking on the phone.

  2. Expand the web. No 1 can accomplish success by himself.

    Make an enterprise to go friends with persons in different sections within your company, and expression for experiences or involvements common between you.

  3. Always be polite in your communications with others. politeness lets people know that you care.

  4. Be dependable and clear in your workplace substructure. Reliability builds trust. Asking, “Did I describe this clearly? ” will declare that people understand what you said.

  5. Compromise reduces the tenseness coupled with struggle. Ask, “What is best for the company? ” so that colleagues will non acquire the struggle personally.
  6. You can non hold on one ‘s involvement if you have nil interesting to state.
  7. Listen carefully to what others are discoursing and demo involvement in the treatment. Listening reveals regard and esteem.

Mention: Top 7 keys to successful work topographic point communicating. By Harriet Heyerson.4.

What is alone about emphasis in the UAE Healthcare Workplace?Each workplace has stressors and each health care enviroment has its out workplace stressors. I would wish to originate a treatment on the causes of emphasis that a unique to the UAE health care environment.5. Do we necessitate “ foreigners ” to work out the inactive aggressiveness in our infirmaries?Thankss Dr. Ashraf for raising such an of import issue for treatment.I do hold that we may necessitate outside expertness but as my co-workers mentioned, we need them merely for a limited period of clip, because I strongly believe that we have extremely qualified people in managerial and in wellness countries, who are much more qualified than an outside expertness, but some of them may miss experience or cognition which can be easy obtained from these expertness in a limited period of clip, or by making farther Studies or preparation in the needed Fields which will be more appropriate than altering the whole organisation and giving the authorization to person who knows nil about our civilizations and traditions.6.

Leaderships are non equal to directors!“ Management is acquiring work done through others. Leadership is taking people where they have non been but need to travel. ”Don Roberts, Human Capital Advisory Services, Deloitte and Touche.Leaderships are the 1s who innovate, investigate, concentrate on people, inspire the trust and face the challenges. So in my position our current wellness attention organisation needs leaders instead than directors.I see my ego in a leader place becauseI want to make or alter the civilization of the organisation, but non as a managerwho works withinthe civilization of the organisation.7. Enforcing subject in the workplaceEnforcing subject in the workplace is indispensable for any organisation to turn and to accomplish a good result.

Discipline in the workplace eliminates the employee negative behavior. The intent of subject enforcement is non to penalize the employee, but to help the employee to go a productive member in the organisation it besides helps the employee to understand his incorrect behavior.8. Solution to all work jobs.I agree with you dear Aisha, of class our holy book ( The Qur’an ) brought for us solutions for all our jobs and counsel for our day-to-day life affairs.Depending on the Islamic rudimentss and civilization we can work out all our work, one of my co-workers asked how can we cover with colleagues who reject our beliefs, my reply to her is Islam is the faith of easiness and we ne’er oblige anybody to follow it, they are free to take the manner they want to follow, all what we can make is to demo them our manner and so they are free to make up one’s mind whether to follow or non.Some of the basic constructs which we need to use in our workplace are:1. Honesty2.

Secretariat3. Religion4. Difficult working with flawlessness5.

Earnestness6. PunctualityAnd Islam urges us to follow all these.9. Leader emotional intelligentFrom my work experience ; I do agree with youthat leaders ‘ emotions and temper have a direct impact on followings ‘ temper and accordingly on their productiveness and degree of battle.

This happens because leaders transmit their good or bad temper to their employees throughthe mechanism ofEmotional Contagious disease( The inclination to catch and experience emotions that are similar to and influenced by those of others ) ( 1 ) .InCardinal Leadership: Recognizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence, Goleman states that approximately 50-70 % of how employees perceive their organisation ‘s clime is attributable to the actions and behaviors of their leader.So the effectual leader should holdEmotional Intelligence( The ability to understand and pull off tempers and emotions in the ego and others ) ( 2 ) , because leading is about being responsible.Refrences:( 1 ) Sy, T. & A ; Cote, S & A ; Saavedra R. 2005. The contagious leader: Impact of the leader ‘s temper on the temper of group members, group affectional tone, and group processes.

Journal of Applied Psychology, 90 ( 2 ) : pp. 295-305. hypertext transfer protocol: //www.rotman.utoronto.

ca/~scote/SyetalJAP.pd( 2 ) George J.M. 2006. Leader Positive Mood and Group Performance: The Case of Customer Service.

Journal of Applied Social Psychology:25 ( 9 ) pp. 778 – 794?10. Job satisfactionStaff authorization is the manner to better workers ‘ occupation satisfaction and to do an organisation more effectual.Here are some points depicting how empowerment can do a alteration in workplace.1.Motivation:by actuating staff through the type of work, economic fortunes and the nature of the human being.2.Duty:One manner to appeal to people ‘s disposition is to give them duty ; because they appreciate being trusted and refund this with difficult work and positive attitude.3.Flexibility:Empowering the staff creates flexibleness within a work topographic point as they can utilize the enterprise and do their occupations more rapidly.4.Invention:Empowered staff non merely recognizes work demands but besides introduces new patterns and thoughts.5.Problem resolution:Empowered staff will be welling to work out work jobs by themselves.For more inside informations you can mention to:hypertext transfer protocol: //www.workcommunication.co.uk/empower-staff-increase-job-satisfaction.html


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