Disasters Can Bring Out the Best in People Essay

Disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis and flash floods are getting more and more common. With different areas vulnerable to different natural disasters, these disasters are hated and undesirable everywhere. In spite of the economic crisis and impact they might cause, they can bring out the best in the people, including victims and helpers, be it individual or in groups. A Haitian boy stood out from the 2010 Haiti earthquake which made him more innovative and matured.He was different from the others in a few ways.

To carve out a childhood, he created toy cars out of refuse, such as plastic bottles, lollipop sticks, styrofoam. Additionally, he created hand games and raps so as to hope for a brighter future. His actions simply showed how he could recycle materials and help others despite being poor. Another example would be the victims of the Japanese earthquake last year. This catastrophe brought out the best in these people by showing their helpfulness and kindness.Not only did they not vy for the basic needs that they require, they also helped one another by sharing food, and working together to clear rubble. They queued up in an orderly manner to collect basic needs for themselves and others and no looting between the victims were seen. They also voluntarily stopped using electricity and recycled plastic and other materials so as to speed up the rebuilding process.

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Their actions of empathizing one another was brought out by the calamity, and thus proved that disasters can be viewed as something beneficial.Lastly, a 21-member medical team from Spain helped flash-flood stricken Pakistan showed how the floods brought out the best in people not affected by the disaster. The 21 people have to help the 20 million people stricken by the floods. Additionally, they will have to sacrifice 3 months to help the Pakistani victims. This example showed how the floods enabled others to empathize with the victims.

In conclusion, despite being not desired, disasters can bring out the best in people of all walks of life when viewed under a positive light.


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