Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Direct Democracy Vs Representative Democracy Research Essay

Direct Democracy Vs Representative Democracy Research Essay

Direct Democracy Vs Representative Democracy Essay, Research Paper

Direct Democracy V Representative Democracy

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The term Democracy is derived from two Grecian words, demos, intending

people, and kratos, intending regulation. These two words form the word democracy which

agencies regulation by the people. Aristotle, and other ancient Grecian political

philosophers, used the phrase, `the governors are to be the governed & # 8217 ; , or as we

hold come to cognize it, `rule and be ruled in bend & # 8217 ; .

The two major types of democracy are Representative Democracy and Direct

Democracy. Clearly the statements for and against each signifier of democracy are

plentiful. However, it is my belief that theoretically, Direct Democracy is the

superior signifier of political regulation. Due to jobs with in the direct democratic

system, its usage as a practical signifier of authorities is non even thinkable.

Therefore, in order for any signifier of democracy to map, Representative

Democracy is the superior signifier of political regulation.

Jean Jacques Rousseau is considered by many to be the `Grandfather & # 8217 ; of

direct the democracy theory. Rousseau & # 8217 ; s ideal society would be where the

citizens were straight involved in the creative activity of the Torahs which are to regulate

their lives. He maintained that, & # 8220 ; all citizens should run into together and make up one’s mind

what is best for the community and ordain the appropriate Torahs. Any jurisprudence which

was non straight created by the citizens is non valid, and if those Torahs are

imposed on people, that is tantamount to the people being enslaved.

The citizens of a society must both develop and obey `the supreme

determination of the general will & # 8217 ; , which is the society & # 8217 ; s finding of the

common good. It is non even thinkable that all citizens will hold on what good

is. Rousseau recognized this and accepted a term of bulk regulation. Those who

voted against a policy which is found to be the best for the general, must hold

been believing of personal additions, instead than the additions of the full society.

The characteristic which distinguishes direct democracy from other signifiers of

authorities is the thought of understanding and the key to understanding is treatment. It

is impossible to make an understanding without treatment, because it is non right

to believe that everybody will hold the same sentiment on all affairs. But, it is

really possible, that through treatment an understanding could be reached by all

members. Representation, on the other manus allows a choice few to do

determinations in their ain best involvement, which is non needfully the best involvement

of the society.

However, direct democracy is non the perfect method to bring forth a brotherhood

of the community. For a direct democracy to work, face to confront communicating

between all members of the community is needed. The lone manner this is possible

is to run into in big groups. Due to the fright of high tenseness, many citizens

& # 8220 ; will non take part in these big group meeting. So in order for these

& gt ; fearful people to voice their sentiments they must acquire together in smaller, less

tensenesss groups, where they are non as cautious to state as they wish to see happen.

A direct democracy can merely work in a little group, so as a signifier of authorities

for an full community or state, direct democracy would decidedly neglect. As

the rank increases, people become less involved. Once the rank

reaches the size of a state, the engagement still exists, but is limited to

every bit low as it can travel. Therefore in a state, any signifier of direct democracy is merely

possible in single communities.

In order for a commission little plenty to run on direct democracy

rules to hold any authorization at all, it must stand for a much larger group.

Membership in this larger group is chosen by election, so the people still have

a say in the opinion procedure. Since the swayers are selected by the people, the

swayers should stand for what the public wants. Therefore, out of direct democracy, is

born a new signifier of authorities, the Representative Democracy.

Representative democracy is non democracy in its purest signifier. The chief

statement against representative democracy is that & # 8220 ; No 1 can stand for me. I & # 8217 ; m

the lone 1 who knows what I & # 8217 ; m thought and no 1 else can stand for my

views. & # 8221 ; We have already learned it is besides impossible to stand for yourself.

Through representation, chosen by the people, the hope is that all people will

be adequately represented. While everyone may non acquire all of their positions

represented all the clip, representative democracy should make a state of affairs

where most of the positions are represented.

Direct democracy is non impossible in all state of affairss, but in order for

in to be the undermentioned two features must exist- The organisation must

be local, ( limited in members ) and the sentiments of the members must be similar

to each other. While these conditions are frequently found in a little organisation,

when looking at a state, these conditions are impossible to run into.

In a assorted society direct democracy would take to uneffective direction,

unwanted inefficiency, and political instability. While In a representative

democracy, the representatives rely on political via media to decide struggles,

and develop policies that are flexible plenty to run into shifting fortunes.

The one time dominant Grecian civilization has become outdated and along with it

went the hope for a direct democracy system of authorities. The direct democracy

theory may hold worked in the little Grecian towns of 500BC, but in big modern

societies, it merely could non work. Which is why the representative democracy

was started, which, while supplying the citizen with less chance for

engagement, is ideally suited for regulation in modern times Therefore, clearly a

direct democracy is the lone true signifier of democracy. However, if democracy is to

be is used in a modern society, it can non take its purist signifier.