Diplomacy nation is working with one another

Diplomacyis vital to any relationship, whether it be macro or micro. It is known as structuredcommunication between two or more parties between diplomats, who each generallyrepresent a state, and engage in dialogue to pursue certain objectives in a balancedand peaceful manner with one another.1 It is a key part tointeracting with our international system, and to interact without it wouldcreate espionage. Nations all have their own strengths and weaknesses, but knowingthat each nation is working with one another is what keeps that peace in mind.  TheUnited States were the first to use an atomic bomb in 1945 against Japan and itthen officially changed the nature of warfare. The Soviet Union were the secondstate that were able to detonate a bomb, and it had then created a rivalrybetween the United States and the Soviet Union.

This rivalry was knownthroughout as the Cold War, and it was an overall race to see which one was thebest when it came down nuclear arsenal. This new nature of warfare was a hugemeasure of security because it was not as easily attainable as other resources.High level diplomacy between the suspension on nuclear testing was established,but mistrust between two nations had caused a break between the mutual agreement.It was not until both parties had reached a breaking point that JFK and Khrushchevreached a compromise that satisfied both of their needs, thus then finally endingthe Cold War. Atthe end of the Second World War, Iran was found to be in favorable location ofwar. The region contained the Persian Gulf, which contained the world’s largest-knownpool of oil.

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Shah was a loyal ally of the US; but because of the Iran hostagecrisis, all trust was broken. It was not until three EU nations-initiateddiplomacy with Iran to prevent further war. Resolution between the states wascreated, and diplomacy was established with one another. 


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