Difficulties of Writing a Paper Essay

The Difficulties of Writing a Paper Most people usually have problems writing their first research paper.

Who says you won’t have any? Luckily for you, I have created a few difficulties a research paper has caused me so you won’t do the same mistakes. There are many possible problems you may encounter while writing a research paper that can distract you or even make you give up on your research. It is important to recognize these dilemmas in order to avoid them. If you know what issues to look out for, you can take the necessary steps to write your paper in the most effective and efficient way.For example, certain research topics may lead you to sources that are difficult or impossible to access. If you pick a difficult topic, such as an existing source that can only be found in Africa, you are less likely to access it because of the distance. Be sure to choose a research topic that can be covered easily by near resources.

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As you conduct your research, it is possible to come across different sets of information with contrasting opinions. This can lead to confusion about who is right.In these cases, it may be best to scratch off data that seems invalid or unreliable such as Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a public website where anyone can just share their own opinion making the data illegitable. Writing a research paper is often a long process that may leave you finding yourself becoming uninterested in the topic.

Even if the topic sounded great in the beginning of your research and writing, you may soon grow BORED or even RESENTFUL of the topic you chose as you begin to study it more in depth.A tip for keeping you from losing interest on your topic would be to give yourself small breaks. Spend a little more time with your friends or start reading an interesting book away from your topic, so as to avoid developing a negative energy towards your research paper and making you lose interest completely. While becoming over-sunk in your research topic can lead to disinterest, failing to properly focus can lead to many distractions. Distractions occur when you give into activities that you find more enjoyable than your research paper (but by this time, anything is better than your paper).For instance, a few minutes into your writing you may feel obligated to check your Facebook for the latest gossip or watch the new episode of Family Guy on TV. To prevent this from happening, create a controlled study area that is distraction-free and encourages you to STAY ON TASK! Try your local library for researching and writing. I hope that my few examples will help you in dealing with a research paper in the future.

If you make sure to follow these simple steps, you are sure to stay focused on your paper and have a legitimate essay. Good Luck!


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