Different Types of Friends Essay

We get different types of feelings depending on how certain things make us feel, this concept also applies to your friends. There are certain things that one can get away with that other friends wouldn’t let slide, and there are certain things that friends would do for you that other friends wouldn’t.

This make us feel different about other friends which is why we need different friends. One type of friend that I have is the “Party Friend”. This is the friend that you only see at parties because that really all you have in common.When having a conversation it is usually small talk mainly because that is how I met most of my friends is through other friends. For this reason you never try to progress the friend relationship further.

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If you do happen to get aquainted with the “Party Friend” often they turn in to the “Partner in Crime Friend” Whether you have a good idea or not this is the friend that will always have your back. Partner in Crime friends are people that one can look at and see they are thinking the same devilish idea that you are thinking.They are also there to get someone out of tough situations even if they have to lie to do it.

Some friends know better to do this for you I consider these the “True Friends”. I think that true friends are the people that know what is best for you, almost like a parent but not quite at that degree. True friends with talk you out of trying to skip class or will want to know what your grades are just to see if everything is going well in school


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