Different Organisational Structures And Culture Commerce Essay

This study will discourse the public presentation of persons and groups within administrations. It will look into the connexions among the construction and civilization of administrations and how these work together and impact the public presentation of employees ; it will besides explicate the consequence of different leading manners with in different administrations. A comparative analysis will besides be inducted, utilizing four companies viz. British Airways, Southwest Airline, Coca Cola Company and Tesco.

Compare and contrast different organizational constructions and civilization.

Organizational constructions:

“ Organizational construction is passage to the continuum of commandment of an administration and how each subdivisions of this hierarchy work together to achieve the purposes and aims of the administration ” . ( Meese, 2012 )An administration construction is the manner the concern is set up. This includes lines of communicating and span of control. It helps the concern run efficaciously giving a ocular image of the administration. Directors and employees are in charge with different undertaking to finish and by finishing their undertaking they can better administration purposes and aims. There are different types of organizational constructions such as tall and level.

A level administration has a little figure of degrees or merely one degree of direction were the sequence of commandment is from the top to the underside, it is short and the span of control is extended. It can be suggested that British Airways organizational construction is level as it suggests that its direction starts from the top to the underside, it is non excessively long and the span of control is wide. British Airways director has tonss of employees describing to them. Their administration construction is divided into different sections which are – planning, investing and confederations, commercialism, land operation, technology, flight operation, finance, jurisprudence, and human resource. These sections have duty to guarantee criterion and supervision of public presentation. See British Airways organisational construction chart in ( Appendix 1 ) .

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A tall organizational construction have many degrees of direction among the executives and the front line employees, where the construction from top to bottom is long and the span of control is non excessively wide, it can be suggested that the Coca Cola Company possesses a tall organizational construction. Coca Cola has two runing groups that is bottling investings and corporate and runing groups in about all continents. See Coca Cola ‘s organizational construction chart in ( Appendix 2 ) .

Organizational civilization:

“ The organizational civilization consists of the indispensable premise, ideas ; rules and criterion which are together with other members of an administration come out from the history and tradition of an administration ” . ( BPP Learning Media, 2010 )Organizational civilization includes of premises that members portion and clasp in common. It involves structural permanency and entrenched all over the administrations languages. Peoples can state about an administration ‘s civilization by expression at what staffs are wear, what clip they come to work and even by how office infinite is distributed. The civilization will be impacting from and hold influenced on leading and direction manners and it will play a most of import function in client fulfillment.

An administrations ‘ civilization summarise what it has been good at and what has worked in the yesteryear. Every administration has different civilizations such as:“ Role Culture: This is suited to a hierarchy organizational construction. This type of civilization plants good in employees ‘ public presentation on the function that he/she has been programmed and relates with the regulations and ordinances of the administration.Task Culture: This civilization gives assurance for people to work as a squad ; this works good in a prima construction.Power Culture: This works great in a matrix construction. It is found around one predominating single or director.

Person Culture: this civilization considers on supplying administrative aid and backup and unopen consideration to one person in the administration ” . ( BPP Learning Media, 2010 )In British Airways selling combine with the highly seeable administration civilization experienced by riders. The civilization is really what clients buy. It is a great illustration in which the physical type, such as seating and nutrient, are implanted. Developing an effectual service civilization moves British Airways forward of its rivals or rivals, their civilization can be viewed in the public presentation of cabin employees on board.

See British Airways organizational civilization in ( Appendix 3 ) and the Coca Cola Company follow two types of civilizations such as, function civilization and undertaking civilization – see Coca Cola organizational civilization in ( Appendix 4 ) .

Explain how the relationship between an administration ‘s construction and civilization can impact on the public presentation of the concern

Organizational construction is the hierarchal stages of an administration ; the construction provides regulation and scheme on understanding and employee duties and affects the administration civilization. An administration ‘s civilization is a recognizable, together held combination of sentiment and values, every bit good as the types of employee ‘s relationships and ways of duties to make things inside the administration. Organizational construction impacts on administration civilization through authorization, organizing and promoting employees to attempts and work together to achieve company purposes and aims.

Organizational construction and civilization have an consequence on employee public presentation, motive, satisfaction and relationships. Refering to British Airways and Southwest Airline – organizational construction is the method by which BA and Southwest Airline communicate, cover out duty and compatible to alter. By organizational construction both air hose can utilize resources to achieve its ends. They keep its construction active so that it can respond to the things that impact organizational construction.

However, most of import thing that impacts organizational construction is the development. As a company develops, the impact on the construction of the administration is of import. This can be largely true when administration start to go larger, for illustration when British Airway and Southwest Airline start to obtain bigger to other geographic parts and the construction of their administration will increase over. Besides client demands have an impact in concerns, because client service is of import in concern, that is why many companies have make complete separation devoted to client service and care. Technology can hold an impact on how an administration is structured and work. An illustration is computing machine, when computing machine webs develop, it became faster and easier for people to work as groups. Mentioning to British Airways and Southwest Airline the usage computing machine to do reserves for clients, to maintain informations about air hose employees and paysheet are indispensable and of import.

Every administration has its ain civilization. Since many employees spend more hours at their workplace, their administration ‘s civilization affects both their work and personal lives. An organizational civilization references to the point of view, thought, rules and values that the employees of an administration helps to and civilization is an of import aspects in the success and accomplishment of the administration. However, civilization has positive impact on administration, and the affects is that it motivates and satisfies their employees by promoting trueness to the administration values and aims and do employees believe valued and trusted.

It can assist the adaptability of an administration by heartening invention, clients care ; be given to keep new method and engineerings. Besides it affects on administration image and civilization characteristics image to be smart and attractive or unattractive and unsympathetic.

Compare the effectivity of different leading manners in different administrations.

Leadership is a method of control in which one individual can fall in to lend and back up others in the growing and accomplishment of a undertaking or responsibility, and it is the acting of taking others. Leadership manner is the method and attack of supplying manner ; use programs, and attractive persons. The three most of import manners of leading are bossy, democratic and laissez faire.


This manner is used when leaders tell their employees what they want completed and how they want it performed, without attainment the recommendation of their groups – see definition of the bossy manner in ( Appendix 5 ) . Autocratic manner used in fortunes where control and direction is needed, on a regular basis where there is little border for error. The advantages of this manner are that it do less employees stress owing to increased control because director have all duty for a undertaking. The bossy director improves employees working velocity and makes them less likely to lose and helps to do faster determination. The bossy leading manner is utile in the undermentioned work state of affairss – See ( Appendix 6 )


“ The democratic leading manner means easing the conversation, promoting people to portion their thoughts, and so synthesizing all the available information into the best possible determination ” . ( Mullins. L, 2005 )This manner engages the leader include employees in the determination doing procedure to make up one’s mind what to make and how to make it. However, the leader maintains the concluding determination doing power.

This leading manner supports the giving out of duty and set representation into pattern. In this manner director is in charge with all chief issues and determinations ; welcomes feedback on the consequences of programs and the workplace control. The advantages of this leading manner are that it brings positiveness in work environment ; it make successful the programs which mean that the procedure of conversation and feedback moderately consequences in the improved of determination devising and more effective operations ; it brings creativeness ideas and lessening employee income.


“ Is a manner where the director observes that members of the group are working good on their ain ” ( Mullins. L, 2005 ) .

In this manner, the director allows the employees to do the determinations and director is non interfere but they still in charge for the determinations that are made. This is used when employees are capable to look into the state of affairs and make up one’s mind what needs to be done and how to make it. In this manner no 1 can guilt each other if the things go incorrect, but this is a manner to be usage when associates are wholly belief and assurance in the persons below them.For illustration: A direction manner is taken as a whole method of leading used by the director. The Coca Cola Company utilize these undermentioned direction manners, but each one in different sections. There are three most of import types of direction manners used in Coca Cola. See ( Appendix 7 ) .

On other manus Autocratic is leading manner that British Airways adopts.See ( Appendix 8 ) .

Explain how organizational theory underpins the pattern of direction.

Organisational theory and direction theory is applied in several aspects of a working concern. Lots of people try difficult to lodge to the theory because it helps them to go successful and better at their occupations. Management is a really of import map in all administrations. It is achieving things complete through and with other persons to achieve needful ends by expeditiously utilizing available resources. There are five major strands of ideas:

Scientific direction:

“ Scientific direction became popular in the early 1900s and it was introduced by Frederick w. Taylor ” ( Meese. 2012 ) . The scientific method works as an aim and focal points on new ways of making occupations.

Management scientific discipline efforts to use this same attack in covering with jobs that arise within concern operations. Its usage as a job work outing attack discoveries applications in countries such as decision-making, design procedures and strategic planning and job could be acquire rid of by developing a scientific discipline of direction.

Classical disposal ( Bureaucracy ) :

“ Classical direction theory was introduced by Max Weber ” ( Meese, 2012 ) . The term is used to explicate the scientific direction and general administrative theoreticians. Administrations use this direction to cover with issues in direction, including effects, top value, charges lessening and to pull off employee relationships. This attack used by many little concern holders to growing and better their administration and to achieve something.

One of the benefits of this attack is an apprehensible organizational hierarchy with divide direction phases, where each direction group has its single purpose and duties. The top direction is by and large the managers or the main executives. The Middle direction direct is the supervisors. At the bottom phase are the supervisors who handle each twenty-four hours ‘s public presentations.

The other half of classical theory is bureaucratism and is by and large found in large administration. The importance of bureaucratism means that it is frequently studied individually from classical direction, which the information are taken from practical experience.

Human dealingss attack:

“ The human relation attack was introduced by Elton Mayo ” ( Meese. S, 2012 ) .This attack takes about the contradictory bend on direction. They make certain that the location they work in is to the full unafraid and safe ; and to do certain that the employees are did non hold their physical or mental wellness support as a effect of their on the job environment. Administrations are use this attack to acquiring better the assurance of their employees and this would include a immense phase of support and recognition for the work that they are making.

Systems attack:

The system attack to administration was “ developed at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relation in the 1950 ” ( Meese. M, 2012 ) It is a set of coupled parts executing together to accomplish some purpose and end which be in the environment. The systems attack is an thought which shows a company as a incorporate utile system that includes of some concern subdivisions. It is an attack which lets the direction to see the company as a joint portion. Such a system may let the direction to successfully make up one’s mind the long-run aims of the administration.

Contingency attack:

“ Handy ( 1987 ) suggested a eventuality attack to leading ” ( BPP Learning Media, 2010 ) . The eventuality attack distinguish that organizational systems are related with their environment and that different environments require different organizational relationships for effectual public presentation of the administration.

Measure the different attacks to direction used by different administrations.

Management theories are really of import because it is contribute to do all employees more originative in administration. The purposes are to increase efficiency and to acquiring a group of individuals to achieve a specific purpose. There are many benefits of direction theories and one of the benefits is that it helps directors and employees to place how to pull off and cover with affairs that may be in the administration. With direction theories administrations can equilibrate every twenty-four hours ‘s undertaking. However, direction theory is non merely about to develop directors how motivate employees to be more originative, it besides shows directors how to be good leader.

For illustration Coca Cola Company and Tesco use direction theories to do their employees more originative:Coca Cola usage scientific direction and in each work they have its ain demand and appoint each character on the base of work account. They chose the greatest manner to accomplish the occupation and they split work every bit among the direction and the top direction give assurance their employees and assist them to better administration. In other manus Tesco usage scientific direction to convey up to day of the month their employee ‘s cognition to keep profitable ability and do them go around in working countries. Tesco offer preparation to employees that will give them the opportunity to obtain on another phase, besides it give directors and employees the experience to their work and chance to growing their callings.

Coca Cola Company utilize classical attack to state their employees how to make their occupation in a manner that obtains the occupation done. They use this attack to cover with the jobs that arise in their company and to happen well manner for their administration implementing and direction. Besides it recommends the growing of measured methods for executing the occupations and the persons are train to work faster and better.

Tesco besides use classical direction because this theory sees Tesco ‘s construction and topographic points importance on development of their work and the principals of their direction and employees behaviour. Besides they use to understand how the methods of working the administration usage and accordingly how to better them.The human relation attack takes about the opposite axial rotation on Coca Cola direction because this method considers more on the employees themselves and their demands and wants.

It is theory that if the Coca Cola direction is to happen the most first-class and most comfy manner for the employees to work, this will assist them with a great degree of working behavior, ethic and efficiency. Tesco has a human dealingss approach to concern. This attack is rather unofficial and Tesco knows the significance of maintaining their staffs happy.Administrative direction – Coca Cola and Tesco ‘s directors have power to take determinations. All the employees in both administrations are well-organised. All the sections of both administrations help with each other for the betterment of the administration.Coca-Cola usage system attack and the systems purposes are: to assist from inside the administration, to increase employee ‘s attitude for the hereafter, to do directors accountable for growing effort, and to do employees finally in charge for their betterment.

Same as Coca Cola, Tesco usage this attack to make a well-organised administration. Tesco create the system to be identified by the employees in order for them to keep their plants and improved.Contingency theory is really of import in Coca Cola Company because it contributes them to the accomplishment of organizational aim in different type of fortunes.

It can besides assist near relationships between their employees and leaders grow more merely. The theory let their leaders to place the peculiar plants they are responsible. Tesco besides suggest utilizing this attack because it states that their construction has of import authorization on the organizational public presentation and it highlights their construction and assist them to the attainment of their administration purpose and end.


After analyzing and a analyzing the consequences of this study show that there are a figure of different organizational constructions each with their benefits. The most suited construction will depend on the size and type of concern. Flat constructions work best for little concerns or those with a little figure of occupation functions and a concern with a level organizational construction require to do certain that each director ‘s length of control does non go excessively wide so that they can non pull off their direct studies expeditiously.

Culture within an administration is really of import, playing a great function in whether or non the administration is a happy and healthy topographic point to work. Leadership manner is belonging up the axial rotation of the particular system that is a ready to follow. The accomplishments are belongs up on leader ‘s process and intent to achieve the purpose. Leader has long term or short term program to achieve the ends. Management is about acquiring things done.

Organizational directors should necessitate the accomplishments to animate and command others. Depending upon the state of affairss, leaders will utilize different leading manners. Management theory is applied in several aspects of a working concern and it is a really of import map in all administrations. It supports to finish through and achieve ends successfully. There are five major strands of ideas such as scientific direction, classical disposal, human dealingss attack, systems attack and eventuality attack.Recommendation:This recommendation leting British Air passages and Coca Cola to develop and administer their departmental concatenation of bid to everyone so that the directors and their duties are clearly understood by everyone.

Communication is one of the most powerful tools an administration has to work with, and communicating sing the construction of both administrations can assist them to cut down confusion and do more efficient the procedure. In order to turn to the leading on administration in specific, and in developing or emerging administration in wide-ranging, it is hereto recommended that the leading should invariably be seen as a belief and be responsible for their supervising. Therefore, British Airways usage bossy, it can be recommended to utilize democratic and Individualistic leading manners every bit good. Tesco and Southwest Airline are making will on their organizational behavior so at that place no recommendation for them to alter or better any things.


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