Differences of Developing Trust Among Male and Female Communication Essay

In the article “Gender-based communication styles, trust, and satisfaction in virtual teams” by Furumo and Pearson (2007), the authors state the difficulties and limitations of developing trust because of the media richness. Moreover, the authors examine how virtual teams affect trust in communication.

However, the authors explain the differences in gender communication through virtual teams. The authors present compelling evidence that relationships between males and females differ because of the individual characteristics which genders have.The authors Furumo and Pearson (2007) briefly claim the differences of communication styles among males and females impact the development of trust in virtual teams. Males tend to focus on winning the discussions while females tend to discuss by understanding other perspectives. Furthermore, females are more likely to gain trust and establish relationships than males. Trust is identified differently between males and females in that males improve by accomplishing their goals. On the other hand, females are willing to value relationships from virtual teams.

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First, I agree with the authors that both males and females have different approaches towards the way they communicate with each other. Males are more likely to be competitive during their conversation with other people. Females, on the other hand, show respect to each other and try to understand others perspectives. As the males and female have different characteristics such as aggressiveness for males and logicalness for females, everyone has different approaches when communicating and ways of gaining trust from other people.From my experience, it is easy to tell that males think what they say are the best and do not change their way of thinking.

Second, I agree with the idea that females receive a higher level of trust and satisfaction than males because females focus more on “social-oriented activities” while males focus on “task-oriented activities”(Furumo & Pearson, 2007). In instance, from my experience, females can deal with decisions calmly while males have difficulty dealing calmly. Additionally, the authors claim that females have the ability to enjoy participating in group discussions more than males.It is true that females tend to care for others more than males because males establish dominance without getting others’ attention. Yet I do not agree with the idea that only females have the ability to enjoy group discussions and work because males are not always trying to win a conversation.

Overall, Furumo and Pearson (2007) claim that both genders have different characteristics of how they communicate and develop trust. Moreover, the authors state the evidence of how females are developing trust and gain satisfaction in short-duration virtual teams.I strongly believe that both males and females are different and females have the impact on developing trust in team communications. Even though the authors claim the approaches towards developing trust from virtual teams, I believe that virtual teams are not a good method for communicating in order to build a trustful relationship because of the lack of nonverbal communication and the absence of face-to-face communication.

ReferenceFurumo, K. , & Pearson, M. (2007). Gender-based communication styles, trust, and satisfaction in virtual teams. Journal of Information, Information Technology, and Organizations, 26(2), 377-396.


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