Did their humps so they can survive

Did you know that Tanzania is known for its exotic wildlife and tribes? Tanzania has over 120 tribes, and many of them have their own language. Tanzania is an interesting country because of its human environment interaction, place, location, movement, and region.The capital of the country known as Tanzania is located south of the Serengeti. The capital is called Dodoma and it is one of their biggest cities. It is the largest city in Dar es Salaam. This country’s capital has most of the big cities in it so if you go to Tanzania for the big cities go to Dodma. The capital is also up in the middle of Tanzania North west from the tip of Tanzania. The absolute location of Dodoma is 6.

1630 degrees south, 35.7516 degree east.The country Tanzania has one of the most beautiful places it is called the Serengeti it has so many beautiful wildlife to explore throw out its fields.

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Some of the things that you can see on the Serengeti are animals. According to ( Africa Facts.org ) one of the animals that you can see are cheetahs, cheetahs are the fastest animals in the world. Also in Tanzania the temperature is very extreme so you should pack accordingly you need to pack things that will keep you warm and keep you cold because it is cold at night and it gets very hot in the morning and afternoon. Also in Tanzania they have coffee beans that they plant all over their farms, so that they can make coffee or even cell it out of the country.So the people that live there have modified the environment. They’ve cut down trees to build their cities. Also their tribes have build homes on the savanna.

And when they build homes or towns there will be no room for the animals that live in that area so they would have to find a new place to live. Also talking about modifying the way that people live in Tanzania they usually get around on carriages or even jeeps, and cars. But in the deserts that are in Tanzania. There is only one way to get throw them it is on a camel. On reason is that they store water in their humps so they can survive months without water. In Tanzania people use cars to get around the cities. Also they use jeeps when they go on safari so that they can cover more ground and to be safe from wild animals.In Tanzania they have a lot of movement going on.

According to ( Africa facts.org ) one of the main thing that they have going is beans, coffee beans. Coffee beans is Tanzania people’s most traded products they trade it out of the country so they can make some more money. Farmers plant the coffee bean and after they’re ready to be picked they get shipped off. Also Tanzania have a lot of diamond mines that they need to start taking advantages of them. In Tanzania they have a very nice region. Their region is made up of lots of people one of the biggest group of people are the Christians. In Tanzania the Christians believe in Jesus as our savior.

In that region there are people with different jobs. The different jobs that they have are farming. Farmers have a lot of benefits. The benefits are your own supply of food and you get money by selling your own crops. Some of the crops are corn beans. That is about all the things in Tanzania’s region.Tanzania has a lot of landmarks that people can go visit. Tanzania has a lot of culture and wildlife that people can explore.

One of these most common attractions are the natural parks. They have the world’s best exotic animals. So you have to go and see the exotic animals there is no way that you can miss it. One of the many things that makes Tanzania a great place to travel is the nice looking cities, and super nice cultures.

So Tanzania is a very interesting place to visit.


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