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Did you know that January 2nd is observed as Buffet Day in the US?While there is etiquette to follow for both sit-downs and buffets, there are some basic manners that kids should know about while seated at a table.By teaching children good table manners, you as parents give the kids important tools for social interaction, and laying the groundwork for good etiquette ensures they become pleasant dinner companions in the years to come, says Katherine Lee in an article on verywell.com.Here’s a list of Do’s and Don’ts for children at the dining table:Wash HandsClean your hands and face before coming to the table. Show respect for the person cooking the meal and others at the dinner table.Set the TableAsk if you can help do anything and offer to set the table. Follow the “BMW” and “Left and right” rules. Bread and milk on the left and water on the right. Fork goes on the left – both have four letters. Knife goes on the right and both have five letters.Sit ProperlyDraw the chair close to the table after sitting in it. Don’t cross or stretch your legs in any direction.Unfold NapkinPut the napkin on your lap before you start eating. Place it on the chair if you are taking a break from eating. But, put on the table when you finish, next to the plate. But, not to fold it back after finishing eating.  No ElbowsSit upright on your chair, and put your arms close to your body. Your wrists can rest on the table’s edge, but do not put your elbows on the table. Keep your free hand on your lap or rest your wrists on the edge of the table. Do not nudge your neighbor with your elbows.Wait for ServingDo not begin eating until everyone is seated and served. Remember to give preference for girls and guests. Wait for them to be served first.Say ThanksMake eye contact with the host or the waiters if eating out, and say thank you when you are served food on your plate. Do mention if the food has been delightfully served or is especially delicious.