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Developing countries are faced with so many publichealth issues of which my country Ghana is no exception. Problems in the fieldof epidemiology, the epidemics of infectious diseases like malaria, HIV,Tuberculosis, Typhoid and many others are on the increase leaving many citizensin fear. The high incidence of non infectious diseases, emergency of newdiseases, high levels of poor sanitation, , drug abuse, teenage pregnancy aremaking the place so uncomfortableIt is believed that the increase in these challengesdepends on the strength of the public health unit of a region and set-up ofinternational approaches for out-break alert and response as well as thepost-outbreak surveillance.Thispassion to contribute to the prevention of diseases and improving livesinfluenced my decision to work on “the Microbial Quality, Nutritional value andPreservation of ‘Brukina’, a locally produced drink from milk and millet” as myfinal year thesis. It also influenced my decision to be a member of Mariescancer foundation, a group which embark on cancer awareness programs, where, Ihave helped in improving the lives of many through educational programs.

Myinternships at the Kumasi Center for collaborative Research into Tropicalmedicine made me develop an interest in Research in infectious diseases. Therecent outbreak of influenza type A virus (H1n1) and meningitis in some SeniorHigh Schools claiming the lives of some students has challenged me to pursuethis career to contribute to the prevention of these diseases. At Kumasi Center for collaborative Researchinto tropical Medicine, I practically deepened my knowledge on clinicalresearch designs, research methods and some Statistic and analytic softwarelike SPSS, GraphPad Prism and Stata.

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Furthermore, I have been equipped withcritical thinking skills, data collection skills, problem solving skills,analytical skills and good communication skills. I was introduced to researchsurveys and some epidemiological studies which I look forward to diving deeperinto to develop when I gain admission into the Master of Public Health program.With Masters of Public Health, I hope to conduct epidemiological research ininfectious diseases which will help in guiding clinicians in appropriatetreatment. I am very confident that earning an MPH degree at the university ofBritish Columbia would equip me with the necessary epidemiological researchskills and enable me to advance in novel and creative fields of research whichwould help me make a meaningful contribution to my community. I am convincedwithout doubts that the friendly and supportive atmosphere at the University ofBritish Columbia School of Population and Public Health, a school well knownfor its excellence in all aspects will enable me build my capabilities andutilize them to fullest by becoming an all rounded person, to improve the livesof many.

Iam very much aware the MPH program is going to be demanding and challenging butI am willing to giving it my very best as I have a solid commitment, dedicationand determination to become a Public Health Researcher.  


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