Develop guidelines for a developing/emerging country (like Kenya) Public Financial sector Essay

Develop guidelines for a developing/emerging country (like Kenya) Public Financial sectorDetails of task:The task is to develop a set of guidelines to deal with a financial management problem.

The primary objective of the (fictitious) Unity and Prosperity Development Bank (UPDB) is to assist in the development of its member developing / emerging countries. The bank has approached your consulting firm as renowned experts in public sector financial management) to develop a set of practical guidelines intended for use as a non-mandatory reference tool by member countries seeking to improve their public sector financial management performance.The terms of reference for this task require an overall public sector financial management framework that is consistent with (but not necessarily limited to) the principles of:1. Long term benefit of proper financial management in the public sector;2.

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Community-wide focus in financial management in public sector;3. Performance basis with measurable outcomes for financial managers in public sector;4. The need for strong governance and accountability mechanisms in financial management of public sector5. The key challenges facing emerging nations like Kenya in managing public finances;6.

Fragmented service provision in the public sector (Fragmentation refers to the existence of a large number of separate funding mechanisms);7. Lack of public sector performance culture;8. Narrow revenue bases and lack of tax collection systems;9. Lack of resources for provision of essential infrastructure by governments of emerging nations like Kenya; and 10. Need for unsophisticated budgeting and reporting systems in the public sectorThe UPDB has requested that the guidelines be presented in a report format, with special consideration to be given to: (i) The need for the advice to be meaningful in a wide range of member country circumstances (look at Kenyan issues and widen the scope to other similar countries); (ii) Explaining and prioritizing recommended measures so as to provide an achievable ‘roadmap’ for reformLimit:Each group (maximum 10 groups equally distributed as much as possible including gender distribution) will pick one of the items above (1-10), develop guidelines on the area identified and present a hard copy maximum 3 Pages (Strictly handwritten) for marking.Presentation requirements:The assignment should be in the form of a report (rather than an essay) and may make use of numbering, dot points, graphical or table information etc.

It must include a list of sources consulted, referenced is a must Due date:To be completed on Tuesday the 15th October and handed in on Tuesday 22nd October


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