Determinants of Student’s Academic Performance Essay

It is a positive statement when one says that adult male of modern society is so advanced in instruction. both in the scientific discipline and in engineering.

but won’t head nor think about what stairss he could do or follow what good he could make for his fellowmen. He does non populate in footings of attitudes acceptable in the society where he lives. A adult male today is more witting of his ain personal upliftment.

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maintain inexperienced person of cognizing his worth which would be undeniably great if he is steping the right manner.Everyone has a right in instruction. This is embodied in Article XIV Section I of the Philippine Constitution 1987: The province shall protect and advance the right of all citizens to quality instruction to all degrees and shall take appropriate stairss to do such instruction accessible to all. Schools. colleges. and universities have no work without pupil. Students are most indispensable assets for any educational institute. The societal and economic development of the state is straight linked with student academic public presentation.

The pupils public presentation topographic point an of import function in bring forthing the best quality alumnuss who will go great leader and work force for the state therefore responsible for the country’s economic and societal development. So the parents or defenders must make their duties and functions to give what they need in instruction.Intelligence is non the lone determiner of the academic public presentation of the pupil.

Academic public presentation of a pupil is ever associated with the many constituents of larning environment. Learning and learning environment ought to implement six maps: inform. communicate. collaborate. green goods. scaffold.

and manage. The key to success in learning-teaching environment lies on people who use it. Hence. in the instructional system. the instructor is the chief factor who can spell the difference between success and failure of a pupil.

Another of import determiner. which shouldn’t be neglected. is the household.

Family is the primary societal system for pupils for all civilizations across the part.Religiosity as an facet of the household environment is another independent variable perchance act uponing academic public presentation. Higher-achieving pupils are likely to hold the undermentioned features: positive feelings about their school experiences.

impute their success in high school to such things as difficult work. self-discipline. organisation. ability. and high motive. these features vary from individual to individual and state to state.

STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEMThis survey determined the related factors to the academic public presentation of Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy. 2nd twelvemonth pupils at Cagayan State University. To achieve the aforesaid aim. reply to the undermentioned research inquiries were sought.

1. What is the profile of the BSRT 1st twelvemonth pupils in footings of:A. Personal Factors:a. 1.

Sexual activitya. 2. Parent’s businessa. 3. Sibling figurea.

4. Physical wellnessa. 5. Student attitudea. 6.

Religion or EthnicityB. School Factors:B. 1.

No visionB. 2. Lack of passionB. 3. Lack of personal/work/school/family balanceB.

4. Lack of taking advantage of pupil resourcesB. 5. Attending the incorrect college or universityB. 6. Lack of adulthood and subjectC. Community Factors:c. 1.

School distance from placec. 2. Means of transitD. Intrinsic Factors:d. 1. Interestd. 2.

AbilityE. Extrinsic Factors:e. 1 Family Factore. 2 PeersF. AspirationsG. Needs

A. What are the determiners of the academic public presentation of the BSRT 1st twelvemonth pupils? B.

Is at that place a relationship between the profile and the academic public presentation of the BSRT 1st twelvemonth pupils? C. How do the instructors perceive the academic public presentation of the BSRT 1st twelvemonth pupils?SCOPE AND DELIMINATION OF THE STUDYThis research survey is centered on the factors related to the academic public presentation and attitudes of the BSRT 1st twelvemonth pupils at Cagayan State University. Andrew’s Campus. The profile of Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy 1st twelvemonth pupils in the footings of personal. school and community factors were determined. Likewise.

the teacher’s perceptual experiences on the academic public presentation of the BSRT 1st twelvemonth pupils were considered. Furthermore. the relationship between the BSRT 1st twelvemonth profile and academic public presentation were besides determined. Last.

the variable that contributes to the fluctuation of the Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy 1st twelvemonth students’ academic public presentation was established.Significance OF THE STUDYIt is with optimism that the findings of this survey would lend the development of macro educational system peculiarly at Cagayan State University in footings of the determiners related to the academic public presentation of BSRT 1st twelvemonth pupils.Furthermore. it is hoped that feedback of informations gathered would be used as hints for urging alterations for betterment in carry throughing patterns. public presentation that are relevant and antiphonal to the demand of our educational system.

Furthermore. consequence of this survey. would steer the instructors in bettering their schoolroom direction. instructional methods and schemes to fit their pupils the needed readying for their hereafter callings.

Similarly. the parents would be made knowing on determiners of academic public presentation of their kid ; hence. they can accommodate a proper plan of activities for their kid for a better public presentation.

It is besides hoped that this survey shall assist the school maintain a harmonious relationship with the community in playing its critical function for the advancement and development through people empowerment.Summarizing up. the findings of this survey would lend to the attainment of educational excellence and the national development end. the transition of the Philippines into a freshly industrialised state.

Student academic public presentations are affected due to societal. psychological. economic. environmental.

and personal factors. The acquisition environment refers to the whole scope of constituents and activities within which larning happens ( Bahr. Hawks. & A ; Wang 1993 ) .A.

Personal FactorThe socio-economic position of pupils is straight relative to their scholastic public presentation.1. Parents OccupationHarmonizing to Ruben as cited by Ramiro.

( 1996 ) that the consequence of low income reflects deficiency of instruction or preparation. physical or mental disablement or hapless motive. Students with parents who were both college educated tended to accomplish at the highest degrees. Income and household size were modestly related to accomplishment ( Ferguson. 1991 ) . In-between category parents tend to be college alumnus although some merely graduated from high school. and many merely reached simple. Bremberk ( 1996 ) found out that an addition in the per centum of parents with college grade and white collar occupation have a better consequence on school public presentation.

Parents’ educational attainment is related to the school accomplishment of the young person.
2. Sibling NumberChild from big households possibly handicapped because they get comparatively beginning of the family’s rational resources than those kids from smaller households ( Draig 1998 ) . 3. Attitudes of the Student
Performance and attitudes features are strong determiners of academic accomplishment as cited by Marcos. ( 1998 ) . Harmonizing to Santrock.

( 1998 ) when our attitude is based on personal experience our behaviour is more likely reflect our attitudes. When we have thought about our attitude towards something and have ready entree it. the attitude behavior connexion is strengthen. In the words of John Locke. “The actions of work forces are the best translator of their thoughts” . Ramiro.

( 1996 ) mentioned that wonts of pupils are really much related to instruction. The relationship would lend something significant in the academic public presentation of pupil in their several school and places greatly affect their standing in school.B. SCHOOL FACTORSEducation is a uninterrupted procedure in which every parent aims to give it as a gift to their kids for their hereafter. Abracia.

( 1984 ) stated that schools was considered as a 2nd place of scholars because it is a dramas where to cognize everything ; wherein a instructor serves as their parents.
1. No visionHarmonizing to Wollitkiewics. ( 1980 ) Some pupils do non hold a clearly articulated image of the hereafter they intend to make for themselves. Therefore.

they may take plans of survey without a clear calling end or nonsubjective. In kernel. they choose the incorrect major.

Lack of passionIn a survey conducted by Salinas. ( 1989 ) she emphasized that successful pupils work out of passion. a love for what they want to make. and acknowledge the importance of the benefit it will convey others every bit good as themselves.

Without passion. survey becomes a job and non a method for accomplishing clearly defined ends. 3. Lack of personal/work/school/family balance
Whatever is traveling on in a student’s personal life.

will necessarily impact what’s traveling on in school. Whatever is go oning in school will impact what’s traveling on in their personal life. A pupil needs clip to be in category. and appropriate clip for survey. However. there must be clip for household. friends. societal activities.

and clip to merely be entirely. The key is maintaining proper balance ( Kalko. Elisabeth. K. V. . et Al.

2006 ) 4. Lack of taking advantage of pupil resourcesThere is truly no ground for academic failure. Harmonizing to San Luis. ( 2003 ) every college and university has an academic acquisition centre where pupils can have equal and module tutoring. without charge.

Many pupils fail to seek aid. 5. Attending the incorrect college or universityTylan. ( 1998 ) found that pupils accept admittance into schools they are non familiar with.

Thus. they become down with their milieus. Student must be content with their school. its environment. and resources. This. in bend has a negative consequence on their surveies. 6.

Lack of adulthood and subjectSome pupils are merely non disciplined and lack good organisational accomplishments. They frequently fall under the force per unit area of their equals. ( Corpus. 1999 ) Rather than utilizing good discretion. they feel compelled to follow others ( socially ) . when they truly should be go toing to their surveies.

C. INTRINSIC AND EXTRINSIC FACTORSIntrinsic motive refers to motive that is driven by an involvement or enjoyment in the undertaking itself. It occurs when people are internally motivated to make something because it either brings them pleasance.

they think it is of import. or they feel that what they are larning is important. Students are likely to be per se motivated if they attribute their educational consequences to factors under their ain control.

besides known as liberty ( hypertext transfer protocol: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Motivation # intrinsic_and_extrinsic_motivation ) . Intrinsic means internal or interior of yourself. When you are per se motivated. you enjoy an activity. class or skill development entirely for the satisfaction of acquisition and holding merriment. and you are determined to be inside in order to be competent ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.

livestrong. com/article/174305-the-difference-between-intrinsic-motivation-extrinsic-motivation ) .Harmonizing to Dr. James Gavin.

intrinsic motive is derived from a self-concept. nucleus beliefs. internal demand and development opposed to extrinsic incentives which can sabotage these motives. Motivations needs to be linear in consequence. which means the more grounds you find to actuate yourself to prosecute in a behaviour. the more likely you will go on with and prevail in these behaviours. External incentives are typically non linear.

Extrinsic motive. on the other manus. means external or outside of yourself. this type of motive is everyplace and often used within the society throughout your life-time. When you are motivated to act.

larn. or do based on extremely regarded result. instead than for merriment. development or acquisition provided within an experience. you are being extrinsically motivated ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. livestrong.

com/article/174305-the-difference-between-intrinsic-motivation-extrinsic-motivation ) .1. FamilyProbably the strongest influence in our lives is the household we grew up. Our birth order. the personality of our parents. the manner we were treated by our siblings.

the socio economic position of the household and the topographic point we lived. Besides these silent influences. our parents taught us all the rudimentss of proper behaviour ( “Family influence” .

3rd erectile dysfunction. New York. Ronald M. Doctor.

Ada P. Kahn 2008 ) . Rollins and Thomas found that high parental control were associated with high accomplishment. Parents have a important function to do certain that every kid becomes high achiever. Parental influence has been identified as an of import factor impacting pupil accomplishment.

Philips ( 1998 ) besides found that parental instruction and societal economic position have an impact on pupil public presentation.2. Influence of PeersPeers groups play a powerful function in determining individuality because the desire to be accepted by one’s equals and “fit in” with one’s equals frequently becomes overriding concern for most striplings.

Peer groups are likely to enforce negative countenances upon those who violate what are perceived as established norms of behaviour and who attempt to build individualities that deviate significantly from predominating constructs of racial and gender individuality ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. inmotionmagazine. com/er/pntroub1. hypertext markup language ) .

Peers refer to people who are of the same age. educational degree. or have the same occupation or profession. Harmonizing to Christine Adamec. ( 2008 ) . a equal group can do anxiousnesss for an person because it can elicit feelings of ego construct. low ego regard. and other negative attitudes and behaviour.

This chapter presents the research design. the venue of the survey. the respondents and trying process. the instrument and statistical tools used to handle the informations collected.RESEARCH DESIGNSince this survey will find the academic public presentations of BSRT 2nd twelvemonth pupils at Cagayan State University. the research workers will utilize the descriptive correlational method. Descriptive method frequently involves extended observation and note-taking.

It describes informations and features about the population or phenomenon being studied. The correlational method of research will besides used to cover with their relationship between and among the input. transmutation procedure and end product variables. The research workers used this method since the status and description of the topics and variables at the clip of the survey will find.LOCALE OF THE STUDYThe College of Allied Health and Sciences was located at Cagayan State University. Tuguegarao. This was composed of two courses- Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology and Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy.

The research workers will merely concentrate to the 2nd twelvemonth BSRT pupils.RESEARCH INSTRUMENTThe chief instrument used in roll uping informations needed was questionnaire. It is composed of structured inquiries sing personal factors. school factors.

community factors. intrinsic factors. extrinsic factors and students’ academic public presentation. each point will be provided with possible reply for the picks of the respondents. The academic public presentation of the pupils will be derived through documental analysis.


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