Despite to generate renewable clean energy to

Despite the significant progress in the manufacture and use of clean energy tools and devices (solar panels, wind turbines, etc.) in most of the developed countries in the world, their use in the Kingdom or neighboring countries which are characterized by the same climatic conditions is almost very limited and expensive where mechanical or manual methods are required to clean the solar panels of dust, moisture, sand and bird residues on an ongoing basis. In addition, the sun’s rays are vertical most of the year by the proximity of the Kingdom to the equator. This leads to the reflection and dispersion of part of the incident sun’s rays on the solar panels glass surface, causing the loss of a portion of the sun’s rays rather than converting the full sun intensity into electrical energy.This project aims at using computers in designing computational models and algorithms for high-efficiency photovoltaic cells using (MATLAB/Simulink), as well as applying artificial intelligence methods (Genetic Algorithms (GAs) and Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) to design smart algorithms and simulation models for applying the computational results in manufacturing special types of high absorption solar nanoparticles (UV and IR)Precise proportions of nanoparticles materials for the manufacture of a new generation of Smart Transparent Nano Coatings (STNC), used for coating the solar panel surfaces. These coatings are designed to:First: Passing all the incident sun’s intensity on solar panels surface to photovoltaic cells PV instead of reflecting them back to the sky, making the solar panels anti-glare (reflection resistance) and thus contributing to generate more energy from these solar panels.

Second: Making the solar panels more efficient, self-cleaning, waterproof due to climatic conditions, variables and parameters in the Kingdom. Dust, bird residue, pollen, insects and liquids falling on solar panels will not cling to their surfaces in an incredible way. Hardness and resistance to harsh climatic conditions. This project contributes effectively to the expansion of the construction of giant solar panels farms and the use of vast areas of the desert and exploitation to generate renewable clean energy to feed and support all vital facilities in the Kingdom. 

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