Despite despite the variations when compared to

Despite the variation in the literature values and the data collected from the experiment, and the fact that there was a significant level of heat loss which may have reduced the accuracy of data, it can be said with certainty that the hypothesis of this experiment was successfully achieved.This experiments main aim was to find a correlation between total number of carbon atoms in an alcohol and how it affects standard enthalpy of combustion. There was a directly proportional relationship witnessed between the two, and as the data suggests, with every increase in the number of carbon atoms per molecule there was a simultaneous increase in the standard enthalpy of combustion. In Table 6, errror propagation was conducted (methanol) and through which the uncertainties were identified with the effects that it would have had on the data and how that would have affected the accuracy. The percentage uncertainties were also calculated, and the error propagation for other respective alcohols were tabulated in Table 7.

 In Table 9, Percent Error calculated for methanol was 84.00% and similar high percentages were found for the other alcohols, thus reinforcing the idea that the experimental values have significant variations when compared to the literature values. Graph 2 clearly portrays this large variation, in terms of standard enthalpy of combustion.

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 Table 5 and Graph 1  clearly display this directly proportional relationship and add evidence to my hypothesis that with every addition of a carbon atom, there is a simultaneous increase in the standard enthalpy of combustion. This was the main idea that had to be elucidated in this report, and despite the variations when compared to literature values, this lab has collected sufficient data, to at the very least make the claim that there is a directly proportional relationship between total number of carbon atoms and the standard enthalpy of combustion


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