Designer handful of good and practical reasons

DesignerYves Saint Laurent couldn’t have been more accurate when he said that, Fashionsfade but the style remains eternal. The statement seems to be more relevantthan ever and is likely to stay that way for many more centuries andgenerations to come.

Though, ready-made shirts are not vogue yet, the perpetualstyle of bespoke shirts is drawing more and more attention everyday.As the people connect through social media,opportunities increase per day, and the general standard of living is alsoimproving, so has the need to stand out from crowd and ready-made shirts madefor the masses doesn’t seem to be fulfilling the same. The fictitious belief ofhigher cost benefit of the ready-made shirts, is what has been aiding it forthe sales through the time but a closer perusal tells that same is not true inrelation to the bespoke shirts.There are more than a handful of good andpractical reasons as to why one should go for bespoke shirts over ready-madeversion of the same considering ┬áboth, economy and convenience.One can choose his own fabric, design, colour,collar and sleeve style, fitting and much more.

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It saves the pain of visitingzillions of showrooms and brands, just to find out a single shirt, and check,if it even fits you correctly or not. The quality of bespoke shirts alwaysremain a notch higher when it comes to stitching, designing or even the levelof detailing. In addition to all of this, ready-made shirts will never providethe comfort and confidence that a bespoke shirt will do. A ready-made shirtwill cost somewhere around 1500 to 2500 bucks and one will always get a betterquality and options to choose within innumerable personalizations within arange of 2000 bucks.The whole process of designing a shirt can be atime consuming process for the first few times keeping in consideration theoverage of choosing between different collar types – button down or widespread, cuffs – french style or barrel, pocket designs, buttons, monograms andstitching, etc.

but the experience of designing a bespoke shirt is alwaysrewarding as all these minute details assures you to reflect your individualpersonality and way of presentation.Usually a person gives his measurements and initially a mock trial shirtis made and once the customer is satisfied he can choose the fabric and otherdetailings, this is how the apparel is created


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