Describing a Place Essay

I chose Italy as my place. Since it was my first holiday abroad and that I really liked it. It felt like I was in the 7th heaven. I went in the upper part of Italy, in Veneto. On our 1st day, we turned round Treviso, which was the village our hotel was in. While we were walking, we saw a huge old castle, which was surrounded by a lake with cute ducks, quacking all day long. You can also admire, like we did, the stunning view of all the lakes, like Lake Garda, every time you turn your head. We visited Saint Anthony’s Basilica.

It’s a really huge church in Padua, not all of it, in fact, fitted in the camera’s screen! The thing is that you can’t take your camera and video camera in with you. Opposite the basilica, we relaxed near the fountain in the square. There was a statue every 5 metres and we took a photo with every one of them! We went to every park we saw and one of them had a lake near it, and a lot of people were fishing. One of the fishermen, which was very cool (according to my older brother), was fishing with 3 fishing poles at once!I went to a zoo in Bibione, and there was a large range of animals that you can see, including seals, lions, hippos and lots of goats! We went to the open market, where we bought 10 bracelets, 6 necklaces, a pair of shoes, earrings and 3 tops.

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When we went to Venice, all we bought was masks, masks, and a glass elephant for my brother, masks and more masks. My mother is a really big follower of St. Anthony; in fact she bought about 7 statues, 5 key chains and 2 magnets.During our stay in Treviso, there was a week full of plans and activities, like car shows and stuff. We went to see a film in 4D at the cinema. We also went to see a play in an old hall.

We went to Luna parks where we went on roller coasters and slides and we ate caramel apples, which were rather delicious. My family and I really loved this wonderful experience. I would highly recommend visiting the dolomites if you’re a nature lover. We really liked this first family vacation and we had so much fun that my father is even rethinking if we should go again in Easter!


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