Describe the TCP session and justify why the extra overhead in TCP has distinct advantages in certain network storage scenarios Essay

Describe the TCP session and justify why the extra overhead in TCP has distinct advantages in certain network storage scenarios.

The full form of TCP is Transmission Control Protocol. It is the base protocol among the group of all the Internet protocols used these days. TCP is used to complement the Internet Protocol and the combination of these two protocols is commonly known as TCP/IP. TCP supports the feature of reliable exchange of data among two different networks, whereas, on the other hand, IP facilitates addressing as well as routing data across the different networks. To be precise, TCP is such a protocol which offers reliable as well as ordered exchange of flow of bytes from one program to another within different computers in the network. All the major internet application relies on TCP protocol like the WWW (World Wide Web), file transfer and e-mail (Null, 2006). Other internet applications which did not need a very reliable flow of data, use another sister protocol, commonly known as UDP or User Datagram Protocol. This protocol basically offers a datagram service which gives more emphasis to trim down latency in comparison to reliability.

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TCP basically offers a service which communicates between the application program as well as Internet Protocol, at a transitional. Whenever the application program requires sending large volume of data, athwart the network, the application issue a single request to TCP, in place of breaking the message into small IP-sized packets, and permit TCP to handle IP particulars.IP’s main mechanism is to exchange small pieces of message or information known as packets. This packet is basically a series of bytes which contains header chased by a body. This header explains the destination address of the packet and the routers to utilize for moving ahead unless it reaches at its ultimate destination. However the body consists of that data which IP is going to transmit. Due to various reasons like network congestion or balancing of traffic load, or any other unpredictable behavior, the small IP packets can be mislaid, replicated, or reached out of array. Hence, TCP figure out these issues, ask for retransmission of those lost one, reshuffle all the out-of-array packets, and also facilitates reducing network congestion so that the number of occurrence of these issues should be reduced.

Once, TCP finally reassembled the ideal, perfect copy of that lost data which was formerly transmitted, it passes this ideal copy to the application program. Hence, TCP figure out the whole application procedure of communication from the provided networking particulars.This protocol is used by mostly, all the popular internet applications like, E-mail, WWW, File Transfer, file sharing, Secure Shell and some other streaming applications as well. It prefers accurate deliver in comparison deliver in time.  It facilitate heterogeneous or, in other words, cross-platform networking.

For illustration, a Windows network can contain UNIX as well as Macintosh terminal or also a mixed network. The major features of this protocol are good breakdown recovery, its ability to include more and more networks without disturbing the existing one. it also handles high error-rate. This protocol is platform independent that means it can work in any network and overhead of low data.Reference:Null Linda, Lobur Julia, The essentials of computer organization and architecture, 2nd, illustrated, 2006, Jones & Bartlett Learning, ISBN: 0763737690, 9780763737696


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