Describe duties and responsibilities of your own work rolw Essay

•Establish and maintain an enjoyable, safe and well planned learning environment where young children can explore engaging activities.•Create and plan activities according to the areas of learning and EYFS goals as well as each child’s individual needs.•Attend to each child’s learning needs and so that he/she may gain courage to explore and thus to learn.•View the child holistically and be aware of his/her emotional, social and physical needs in order to present various gateways to learning.

•Be aware of the various learning styles and utilize and present a wide variety of learning opportunities to address each learning type.•Believe in the child and encourage active learning i.e. we learn by doing.

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•Model appropriate behaviour, language, social etiquette and manners at all times.•Keep distractions in the physical environment to a minimum i.e. avoid interruptions to your classroom/ activities and have assistances ready to move in with ‘sponge activities when needed. •Move from ‘known’ to ‘unknown’ i.

e., learning takes place when the brain connects new experiences with previous learning.•Mistakes are ‘okay’, it is part of learning process.•Give lots of prise to each child daily, with positive language and smiles. •Never embarrass or humiliate a child.

Dignify and respect the child’s responses and find ways to appreciate the special qualities of each child.•Demonstrate a sincere love for each child and seek to celebrate their accomplishments.•Recognise the need for joy, smiles and appropriate humour in the classroom.•Model multicultural awareness and understanding.

•Respect the confidentiality of self, other staff, parents and children. •Keep abreast of developments relating to child development, UK EYFS guidelines, new ideas and teaching strategies and endeavour to develop professionally.•Work cooperatively with fellow staff and be willing to share ideas, experiences and resources.•Present as pleasant, well mannered and professional at all times.•Be aware of the Nursery policies at all times.


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