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Delivery GuaranteesWe guarantee the safest delivery for all products available on Spartxo. If our promised delivery date is missed due to various reasons, we shall provide a refund of any shipping fees associated with that concerned order. It’s very rare that our delivery promises get missed.ShippingUsually, most products are shipped FREE OF COST, but there are few RULES AND REGULATIONS THAT GUIDE OUR SHIPPING POLICY, here we mean that we are obliged to follow the shipping policies & terms stipulated by the vendor to us-SPARTXO, which differ from vendor to vendor. There are also few other guiding principles that govern our shipping policies such as the type of orders placed, availability of (free) delivery, type of product to be delivered and so on.

Shipping PreferencesYou can change your shipping preferences in “Your Account” at any time after placing your order as long as the order hasn’t entered the shipping process yet. Every time you place an order via the Shopping Cart, you can choose to either group your items into as few shipments as possible or else, ship each item as it becomes available.Your items will be instantly shipped as they become available, beginning with those already in stock. You should choose this option if you want to receive some items quickly–otherwise, the delivery may be delayed.Fulfillment network If your order has dissimilar items such as a book or a computer, they may ship separately, depending on where in our fulfillment network they happen to be located.

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 Items Which Require Special Shipping and Handling (Large/Heavy) These items are marked on their product detail pages and will ship separately from other items in your order.Cancellation Policy:Spartxo follows a cancellation policy that is more often hassle-free, however, this cancellation policy of Spartxo differs from product to product and service to service and order to order, in addition to revised cancellation policies of Spartxo that change from time to time.Note: In general, all the products and services ordered are usually eligible for cancellation before they are shipped.  CAREER:”Employment isn’t just a vocation but a passion”A new world of opportunities awaits you…step into the gamut of exciting and promising careers filled with growth, challenges, rewards and fun. Give your professional life an edge of SPARTXO, enter into e-commerce field and grow as SpartXo grows.We will give you a career break…prove your worth…and the rest is history…


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