Definition of a Hero Essay

When I here the word hero the first things that come to me are the words bravery, courage, honesty and faithfulness.

In my opinion, everybody has their own definition of a hero but yet all the definitions have general similarities. A hero can be a complete stranger, or someone you see everyday. Sometimes there real, other times there fictional. A hero can be someone with courage and strength, and other times just someone that was there for you when no else was. Most importantly I feel a hero helps us realize our true passions, chase our dreams and follow our hearts and souls. To begin with, I would say spiderman is my favorite hero.

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I don’t say this because he has superpowers, can climb on walls and shoots webs out of his hand but he protects the innocent. Spiderman shows a very considerate amount of love, bravery, courage. As a little girl ,if I was ever in a mess, I would imagine him flying towards me about to grab me and put me in a happy place with flying ponies and rainbows. To me his superpowers are not what makes him a hero, but his kindness and the fact that he saves the innocent is what makes him a hero to me. Furthermore, spiderman demonstrates a fictional character because of his unique powers.He has normal teenage problems which helps the audience relate to him and that how he interacts with them. I strongly believe that; that’s why I’m so into him and he is my favorite hero. His stories are basically telling you he is an average teenager going through the same problems as any other teenager.

Until boom! It happens he got bit by a radio active spider, which gave him his powers. Spidermans real name is Peter Parker. In the movie, the first thing he does when he finds out about his superpowers is: makes a goal for him self to win some money at a boxing competition, so he can buy a car to impress Mary Jane ,a girl he has “a crush on.He is a hero but yet relates to normal teenage experiences, because in the movie he is a nerdy guy trying to get noticed by a girl that he has a crush on. Not only this but in the movie he took the crime rate in Manhattan down a great degree, and tried to keep as much people safe as possible. Point is we all have different heroes, but all of them share something in common they have a quality about them that we like and admire and that’s what helps us grow and learn right from wrong.

I feel a hero should be dependable, trustworthy, and reliable. Most importantly they will never let us down.


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