Defining a Manager and Examining the Decision-Making required by them Essay

Manager is a individual who in charge in an organisation to pull off resources available in organisation such as labour and organizing activities in organisation to guarantee the organisation is toward accomplishing the organisation ‘s ends. Manager can be classified into 3 degrees which are first-line directors, center directors and top directors.First-line directors every bit known as supervisor are the lowest degree in the direction. They are senior who commanding a few workers. They supervise employees and close with them. They define the day-to-day undertaking and hebdomadal mark with employees.

In-between directors are communicator between top direction and low direction. These directors include all degrees of direction between the first-line degree and top degree of the organisation. They are people who listen to exceed director and do execution to what top direction had decided.Top directors are director who are responsible for decision-making, do strategic planning, vision and mission statement and set ends and aims which affect the whole organisation.2. What are the maps of a director? Which is the most of import? Explain.A director use the organisation available resources with it optimal degree. Functions of director are be aftering, forming, taking and commanding.

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Planning is a procedure of specifying ends, make strategic planning for accomplishing those ends and developing programs to transport out activities or undertakings in organisation.Forming is the procedure of finding what should be done, who should transport it out, how to set up the organisation resources that available to accomplishing the organisation ‘s ends in a proper manner.Leading is a procedure which includes actuating workers, covering with employees ‘ behaviour issues. The director have to see the manner to pass on with employees when the director want to state them what to make, which method should be usage, when and where the undertaking should be carry out.

Besides, when employees are non obey to the director, the director have to actuate them by different manner such as fiscal inducements or non-financial inducements like increase of salary or offer employees a better place.Controlling is a procedure of monitoring activities in organisation to do certain that they are being accomplished and cheque is at that place any spread or difference between what is expected and what are making presently, the director have to make something to cut down the spread.In my sentiment, planning is the most of import in direction procedure. This is because that planning is a procedure which we determine what organisation demand to make. In planning, director set ends and aims based on resources available in organisation.

Without planning, organisation ‘s members do non cognize about the mark. If there is no planning, the organisation will confronting a job, they are non clear about the ends and aims and do n’t cognize how accomplish the end. The organisation will non toward go a progressive company because there is no betterment or moral force.3. Explain Mintzberg ‘s managerial functions.Mintzberg ‘s managerial functions include interpersonal functions, informational functions, and decisional functions.An interpersonal function is managerial functions that involve people and other responsibilities that are ceremonial and symbolic in nature.

This function includes figurehead, leading and affair. Figurehead means the director is seen as a symbol of position and authorization. Leadership means the responsibilities of director is to actuating and direct subsidiary, supervising their advancement, advancing and promoting their development. The director should develop, advice and act upon their subsidiary in a positive manner. Liaison means nexus and co-ordinate people inside and outside the organisation to assist accomplish ends.

Informational functions means associated with the undertakings needed to obtain and convey information for direction of the organisation. This function includes monitoring, propagator and spokesman. Monitoring means analyzes information from both the internal and external environment. Disseminator means transmit information to act upon attitudes and behaviour of employees. The director has to inform members of organisation about information that updated. Spokesman means represent an organisation or unit to talk to foreigners or stakeholders about information to positively act upon the manner people inside and outside of the organisation respond to it.

Decisional functions means associated with the methods directors use to be after scheme and utilised resources to accomplish ends. This function includes enterpriser, perturbation animal trainer, resources distributor and negotiant. Entrepreneur means encourage directors to make betterment undertakings and supervise squads in the development procedure. Perturbation means the duty for managing an unexpected event.

Resources distributor means the director has to make up one’s mind who to acquire resources and budget. The director has to delegate resources between maps and division, set budgets of lower directors. Negotiator means seek to negociate solutions between brotherhoods, providers, other directors, client or stockholders.4. Describe the accomplishments a director needs to hold in order to accomplish his/ her aims. Which do you believe is the most of import and explains?A director needs to hold some direction accomplishments in order to accomplish his or her aims. Those accomplishments are proficient accomplishments, human accomplishments and conceptual accomplishments.

Technical accomplishments are accomplishments that include cognition in a certain specialised field. This accomplishment is developed by pattern such as fixed a peculiar machine, executing peculiar responsibilities, to do something correct. This accomplishment normally need by first- line directors.A human accomplishment is the ability to work good, cooperate and communicate with other people separately or in a group.

This accomplishment is to interacting different people and human being and uniting different people into a group and taking the squad. The director have to larn about understand people, how to acquire along with people and motivate people or employees. This accomplishment need by in-between directors who normally need to pass on with low direction and top direction.Conceptual accomplishment is the ability to believe in a complex state of affairs. Directors who posses this accomplishment will understand things in an easy manner. They got some hereafter believing about the organisation such as how the organisation fits into broader environment in the hereafter.

It besides consider as accomplishment of doing vision. This accomplishments need by top directors who have to do the vision of organisation.In my sentiment, I think that homo accomplishment is the most of import. This is because in the workplace, a director has to face and communicate with many workers to steer and take them toward organisation ‘s ends and aims. So, a director ever has to larn to understand people and actuate them. Due to this, human accomplishment is really of import for a director.

6. Is a gross revenues representative ( an entry degree occupation in a selling organisation ) in charge of a district considered a director? Discuss.In my sentiment, a gross revenues representative in charge of district can non see as a director. As a director, their maps are be aftering, forming, taking and commanding or monitoring.

As a gross revenues representative, they may did be after such as specifying their marks like how much goods to be sell and do schemes such as how to prosecute client to buy it, but a gross revenues representative did non make other map like forming, taking and monitoring as a director. So, a gross revenues representative can non be sing as a director.7.

List the six Management Theories and depict how each is used by directors today.The six Management Theories are scientific direction, general administrative theory, quantitative attack, organisational behaviour, system theory and eventuality theory.Scientific direction is used by director today. For illustration, when a director analyze the basic work undertakings that must be performed, utilize time-and-motion survey to acquire rid of otiose gestures, employ the best qualified workers for a occupation or program incentive system based on end product, they are utilizing the rules of scientific direction.General administrative theories are used by director today. For illustration, the 14 rules of Fayol serve a frame of mention from which many current direction constructs such as managerial authorization, centralized determination devising and coverage to merely one foreman. All of these are used by director today.

Quantitative attack is besides used by director today. When a director want brand determination in the countries of planning and commanding, they have to do budgeting, line uping, scheduling quality control. Due to this, they have to utilize the quantitative attacks.Organizational behaviour are utilizing by director of an organisation today in their workplace excessively. They study behaviours of workers, learn to pass on and work with employees.Presently, a director of an organisation is utilizing system theory. As a director today, they should non merely concern some portion of the organisation, but the whole system of the organisation excessively.Contingency theory is utilizing by director today excessively.

Directors who are utilizing this attack will make things depends on the state of affairs. If there are some unsure state of affairs happened, the director will alter his attack to suit the state of affairs.8.

List the seven dimensions of organisational civilization and which you believe is the most of import and the grounds for your belief.The seven dimensions of organisational civilization are attending to detail, outcome orientation, people orientation, team orientation, aggressiveness, stableness, invention and hazard pickings.In my sentiment, I believe that attending to inside informations is the most of import among the organisational civilization.

This is because when the company gives attending to inside informations, they will detect some errors and better it instantly. Besides, when they give attending to inside informations, they will detect some small chances for them to acquire big benefits for the organisation. For illustration, when an history clerk records the dealing ‘s sum of RM1000 as RM10000, if they are non attending to inside informations, it will do loss for the company.9. Rank the eight features of an advanced civilization and your grounds for ranking them in such order.1.

Challenge and engagement2. Risk-taking3. Arguments4. Trust and openness5. Idea clip6.

Gaiety or wit7. Freedom8. Conflict declarationI am ranking them in such order because in my sentiment, challenge and engagement will ever excite many new and different thoughts from different people or employees. It is the most of import in advanced civilization. The following is risk-taking.

When people are willing to take hazard, they will fear for nil and will acquire some particular thought for invention which is out of the blue. I ranked arguments as tierce is because when employees are allow to show their sentiments or thoughts for consideration, they will experience that their thought is being appreciate. So, they will believe some thoughts which are truly contribute to invention. I had ranked trust and openness as the 4th is because this characteristic considers the supportive and respectful to each other for employees. When employees get respect and acknowledgment, they will experience comfy with their workplace.

So, they will give thoughts with part to advanced civilization of organisation and profit the organisation. Another four features of invention civilization which are thought clip, gaiety or wit, freedom and struggle declaration, I had ranked them in such order is because I feel that they are of import excessively, but non as the first four feature.10. List all the stakeholders of a company and province which is the most of import in your position and why.All of the stakeholders are employees, clients, Social and Political Action Groups, rivals, Trade and Industry Association, authoritiess, media, providers, communities, stockholders, brotherhoods.In my sentiment, employees are the most of import among other stakeholders of a company. This is because those employees are people who working in an organisation and toward accomplishing organisation ‘s ends. Besides, employees are besides possibly involvement with the portions of organisation, they may purchase the portions excessively and go one of the stockholder.

Employees are interrelated and really of import to the company.11. If you are the CEO of a planetary corporation, which one of these attitudes would you recommend in your organization- ethnocentric, polycentric or geocentric. Explain.

If I am the Chief executive officer of a planetary corporation, I would recommend the polycentric attitudes in my organisation. A polycentric attitude allows other subdivisions in different portion of the universe holding their ain thoughts, allow them make things in a different manner. This is a more flexible attitude. This attitude allow subdivisions can make things based on different civilization of different state and allow local citizen able to accept the merchandise based on their civilization.

For illustration, KFC eating house in America are selling merely fried poulet and some soft drinks. While, KFC eating house in Malaysia are selling fried poulet excessively but they will selling chicken rice and Milo drinks which are non available in America. This is an thought based on the civilization in Malaysia. The polycentric attitude allows the company more acceptable in the full universe.12. a ) Define the followers:I. Corporate Social ResponsibilityCorporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) is the decision-making and execution procedure that guides all company activities in the protection and publicity of international human rights, labour and environmental criterions and conformity with legal demands within its operations and in its dealingss to the societies and communities where it operates.two.

Ethical motivesEthical motives are the rules, values and believe that define what is right and incorrect behaviour. It can besides be defined as the subject that examines one ‘s moral criterions or the moral criterions of a society.B ) In my sentiment, I agree that ‘conscience is the chief beginnings to find good and bad facets of an action ‘ . For illustration, I determine that cheating is a bad action based on my scruples because cheating is an action which will harm people and cause people holding Celsius ) One of the instructions of my faith that I would utilize to steer me ethically in concern dealing is ‘Do Not Cheat ‘ . For illustration, when I want to sell my merchandise to consumer, I have to publicize to present my merchandise. When I advertise the merchandise, I will non advert the untrue information about the characteristics or map of the merchandise to consumer.

So that they know I am an ethical concern individual and I can acquire long-run net income from my clients.vitamin D ) One of the instructions of my faith I would utilize to set about CSR is make anything in a proper manner which means do non make things which are illegal and do injury to people. If I am the proprietor of a corporation, I will make something which are good and give long-run benefit for society. For illustration, I would utilize the production methods which do non do environment pollution, so that the society no demands to pay for the societal cost.13. Sketch the eight stairss in the determination devising procedure.

The first measure in the determination devising procedure is placing a job. A job can be defined as the differences between what is bing and what is expected.The 2nd measure is placing the determination standard. This means see the standard which relevant and will act upon the determination devising.The 3rd measure is apportioning weights to the standards.

In this measure, the determination shaper considers the importance of standards, and gives precedence to the standards which is the most of import.The 4th measure is developing options. The determination shaper now has to do out options available to work out the job.The 5th measure is analysing options.

The determination shaper has to measure each of the options based on the standards.The 6th measure is choosing an option. After the determination shaper analyzed all the options, he or she has to choosing the best option.The 7th measure is implementing the options. The option that had been chosen must be implemented. The determination shaper has to inform others who will impact by the determination and have to perpetrate the determination.The 8th measure is measuring the determination effectivity.

This last measure of the determination devising procedure is to look into whether the job had been solved or non after the determination implemented.Q14. If you are an enterpriser who has merely started a company, which determination devising manner would you be given to gravitate towards? Explain.

If I am an enterpriser who has merely started a company, I would be given to gravitate toward directing determination devising manner. A directing determination devising manner, the tolerance for ambiguity of the determination shaper is low and they have a rational manner of believing. They are able to see the job in a rational manner.

As an enterpriser, I must be an efficient and logical individual. I must be able to do fast determination based on logical and rational position when I confronting a job. Besides, I have to concentrate on the short tally, so that my company can be maintain traveling all the clip and go a dynamic and progressive company.Q15.

What are the common determination devising mistakes and prejudices? How can a director avoid them?The common determination devising mistakes and prejudices are overconfidence, immediate satisfaction, grounding consequence, selective perceptual experience, verification, framing, handiness, representation, entropy, sunk costs, self-seeking and hindsight.A director can avoid them by act harmonizing to their ain ability ; make non keep unrealistically positive positions of themselves and their public presentations. The director should non merely want the immediate satisfaction or wagess.

Besides, the director should avoid to utilize merely the information that semen foremost, information which come afterward should besides be consider. A director should non construe events based on their ain idea, it may be unjust. Furthermore, a director should understand the job carefully, if non they do non acquire the right solution. In add-on, they should besides avoid prejudices by ever do determination that consider the company ‘s benefit but non for personal involvement.


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