Definig Ones Life Essay Research Paper Defining

Definig Ones Life Essay, Research PaperSpecifying Ones LifeSpecifying oneself can be a hard thing to make. There are many grounds why specifying oneself may sometimes be positive and sometimes been negative. It is sometimes good no affair who you wore to specify yourself, but sometimes it is non.

In this essay I intend to look at both grounds why specifying oneself is good and bad.Society plays a big function in specifying oneself. Everyone lives in a society of some signifier. Society is a aggregation of persons that rely on each other straight or indirectly. The bulk of people that make up a society determine what that society believes and how it defines the things to that are in it. Society defines what people are, and people define what society is. Everything that is in a society is defined by that society, to do certain that everything has its topographic point. For illustration, a white individual with a shave caput and & # 8220 ; white power tattoos & # 8221 ; , is labeled a tegument caput by society.

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That is an illustration of how society labels groups of people. Every label comes with a definition. Whether or non that definition is accurate makes no difference if it is given by society, for there is about no manner of altering a societal definition once it has been given. When a individual grows up in a society, they take on the beliefs of that society. When a individual is labeled by the society that he grows up in, he tends to believe in that definition of himself.Specifying oneself can ensue in taking on stereotypes. Stereotypes are generalisations we make about others. Society places others in categories or group classs that we define on the footing of our life experience, within the bounds of our perceptual experience and range of analysis.

White people have had generalisations made about them by other races and surprisingly their ain race as good. For illustration, the Caucasic civilization has been stereotyped as being difficult workers and diligent studiers that have strong work moralss. Another common stereotype for white people is that they are penny pinchers, that is to state that they are highly economical with their money and how they make outgos. The belief that white people speak better English than people of other races is another illustration of pigeonholing.

Education tools and larning games are besides seen as things that merely white people do, and that it would be unpopular for people of other races to utilize them every bit good. Bing successful at school is besides seen as being white. Some people see stereotypes as being negative, yet others take those stereotypes as complements. CaucasusNs are non the lone race to hold stereotypes made about them. Blacken people are besides stereotyped. The belief that black people excel at sports is a stereotype. It is besides by and large accepted that black entertainers are better than Caucasians or Asians.

Stereotypes even go so far as to claim that black work forces are more endowed and proficient in sex non-blacks. The same regulations apply for black people every bit good as white people in that some take those stereotypes as complements and others take them as slammes or put downs. Most stereotypes are based on personal sentiments and societal beliefs. Very few if any are based on existent fact.Good things and bad things can come from specifying oneself. The lone manner people can specify themselves is through societies eyes.

One ground for specifying oneself would be for personal development. Most people spend their full lives without happening significance or intent or even a topographic point in society. By specifying oneself, and they are able to find where they belong. That in itself, can be positive or negative depending on that individuals societal standing. Specifying who you are is good in that it allows you to cognize where you stand in society.

It besides allows you to happen common land with your ascendants. Another benefit to specifying yourself is that it makes it easier to bond with similar cultural backgrounds. Specifying yourself besides prepares you to be able to take negative remarks and favoritism easier than it would if you didn & # 8217 ; t know you were.

Merely as there are positive grounds for specifying yourself, there are besides negative grounds. For some people, they are ashamed of their ascendants past actions. For illustration, one individual life in the South would non be proud to detect that their great, great grandparents one time owned slaves. Another ground for non desiring to specify themselves would be to detect that they are of an cultural background that is discriminated against where that individual populating. Another negative ground for the determination oneself would be the automatic labeling by other people as person who discriminate or who would have favoritism by others. And eventually, specifying yourself could in fact be labeling yourself and so enforce society stereotypes on you therefore impacting your belief of your ain ego worth.

In inclusion, I believe that when you try to specify yourself, you run the hazard of happening something that you do non wish, be it in your yesteryear or in your hereafter. On the other manus it besides might assist you detect who you are and who you can go. Ultimately it is up to the person to find who he or she is.


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