Deciding and technologies. The education and skill

      Deciding on a career choice is a difficult decision to make because it effects your future as a          whole.Crime Scene investigator, also know as CSI is a suitable job for people who can handle, identifying, gathering and analyzing evidence from crime scenes.

    In the criminal justice area there are many options of what field fits you. Crime scene investigators  work in different environments. They work along with police officers and other investigator  to gather information from crime scenes and solve many cases .Csi collect information and make sure it’s handled properly. They specialized in many areas of forensic science. In ” What is CSI?” it talks about what is a csi, what a csi is responsible for and what a csi possess. It says” A crime scene investigator is a rather broad title, as this professional may be a: Crime scene leader,Crime scene technician,Forensic photographer Forensic sketch artist,Ballistics expert,Fingerprint expert,DNA expert” meaning they perform many forensic work. Many crime scene investors perform physical evidence collection as other csi perform more specialized task.

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CSI professionals should possess the ability to cope with difficult situations. In this field you would be introduced to new skills and technologies.    The education and skill requirements for crime scene investigators is mainly a bachelors degree in forensic science ,or another natural science are needed for  education and physical stamina, math and science skills, perceptiveness are needed for skill requirements.Even though that sounds like a lot , it’s not, you will have a interest in learning about the  forensic and other sciences and if these are your favorite subjects , you will be very interested .Its  very essential in this field to have a strong written and oral communication skills .

The  reason for that is to communicate with your fellow workers about evidence you had collected and also to speak about it in court. If you are not that very social  person, this job will open you up and take you out your comfort zone. You  must be able to communicate with deceives and investigators to talk about your findings and opinions. Crime scene investigation requires diverse skills such as observation and the ability to analyze critically the collected evidence; in particular, to draw a relevance of the collected evidence and the crime that is under investigation.  In “criminal justice degree schools” it states The educational requirements for a crime scene technician depends on the job, but the minimum requirement is typically a high school degree or GED and a bachelor or sometimes an associate degree is acceptable  ” this meaning that you would basically get all the requirements you need for this field out of the way in high school and you’ll be one step ahead in college to become a CSI with only a 2-3 year degree.  Also, CSI earn a range between $32,000-$83,000 a year. That salary is a lot, due to all the hard work you put into your job.

Many individuals in this field go on to achieve bachelor’s and even graduate degrees as to achieve better-paying positions.    The CSI have many responsibilities on investigating a crime scene. In .criminal justice profiles” it states crime scene investigators are responsible for the evaluation of the scene, package physical evidence for scientific evaluation and comparison, prepare detailed reports on the observations  at the scene of the crime. They testify in court concerning the findings and processing methods used at the scene.

CSI  need to have an expertise in photography, sketching, processing all of the collection of evidence. You will come across  evidence like footprints and fingerprints, hair and fibers, biological fluid, including DNA and blood spatter A CSI deals with crimes such as homicides, sexual assaults, armed robberies, home investigations, and property crime such as burglaries. You will have a lot experience at different crime scene investigations and will hear a lot  of stories and solve a lot of different problems.A CSI regular workweek consists of Monday-Friday and normally works at 8:30A.M. -4:30P.M. Other than that they are on stand-by, which is when and if they are called in when they are off duty ,then they must go in and do whatever they were assigned.

So that would give you time to communicate with your family from time to time.A CSI is expected to respond to emergency calls whenever necessary 24 hours a day.    In conclusion ,if you are excited by the notion that you work and pay  attention to details and , can help serve justice and solve crimes, and you have a strong desire to help others, a career as a crime scene investigator may be exactly for you.


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