Debut Albums and Friends Essay

There are two types of friends, the true friends and the fake friends. True friends are the ones who you can trust, not afraid to tell you how they feel, and will take up for you. Fake friends on the other hand are the ones who won’t take up for you, but rather talk bad about you, tell everyone your business, and tell you lies to your face. True friends are hard to find, 4 out of 5 friends are fake and are nice to your face but hate you when you are not around. True Friends can be trusted with the deepest secrets. You can trust them with your life and you know that it will be safe.

When they say that they promise they won’t tell, you know they are serious. Fake friends want to know your secrets, but can’t wait to tell someone about it. Once you tell them something don’t be surprised when the next day everyone knows about it. They make you think that you can trust them, but don’t be fooled. True friends tell you the truth about anything, no matter what it is. They will be straightforward and tell you anything you want to know, without thinking twice.

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Even though they know that it might hurt your feelings, they still tell you the truth.Watch out though because fake friends say nice stuff to your face, but when your back is turned it’s a whole different story. They will lie to you about anything and more than likely because they want something. True friends will take up for you in any occasion. They won;t be afraid to stand up for you and have your back. so when someone is talking bad about you and that one friend is around,they will put a stop to it. Of course the fake friend is the total opposite.

They will join the person who is talking bad about you. Or they would just sit back and let the trash talking continue. When you confront them about it, be ready to hear lies.True friends are the kind of friends that everyone wants to have but just can’t find. So many people are fake, and its hard to tell the difference between the two.

Fake friends are usually taking advantage of you and using you. True friends are there whether you have nice things or not. Those are the kinds of friends that everyone needs but can’t have. Some people are ok with people using them, because they have friends. Whether anybody will admit it or not everyone has fake friends, that treat them bad, but they don’t say anything about it.

Spotting them out is kinda hard but after a few quick points you’ll be spotting them out everywhere.


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