Debate Evaluation Essay

The president candidate whose rhetorical devices I chose to analyze was Mitt Romney’s. Over the course of the three debates Mitt Romney uses various rhetorical devices, some helping and some hurting his campaign. Most of the rhetorical devices used during the Domestic Policy debate are re-used in the Town Hall and Foreign Policy debate. In the first presidential debate pertaining to Domestic Policy, Mitt Romney uses rhetorical devices such as diction, sarcasm, pathos, logos, ethos, euphemism, perspective, and analogy.In the second debate which was Town Hall, he uses rhetorical devices such as ethos, allusion, logos, perspective and persuasion. In the last debate that addressed Foreign Policy Mitt Romney uses rhetorical devices such as ethos, pathos, logos, argumentation, and euphuism.

In the first debate, Mitt Romney uses sarcasm by responding to President Obamas comment about his anniversary, and saying that the President imagined the most romantic place for his anniversary there with him.This is considered to be sarcastic because he knows if the president had the opportunity he would spend his anniversary with his wife somewhere special, rather than participating in a debate in front of thousands of people. Pathos was used when Mitt Romney talked about the people in America who he had conversations with at events that explained to him how they are struggling with finding jobs, and trying to maintain taking care of their children without jobs at all.One of the most emotional lines that Romney quoted from one of his supporters was: “Yesterday I was at a rally in Denver, and a women came up to her with a baby in her arms and said Ann, my husband has had 4 jobs in 3 years (part-time jobs), and he just lost his most recent job and we have now lost our home, can you help us”. This appealed to the emotions of the audience because they could have had sympathy for this women and her family in this tough situation they are facing.

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Logos was one of the rhetorical devices that Mitt Romney frequently used in this debate.From stating facts about the economy, oil, and gas prices to percentages of American workers and tax rate percentages, Logos was one of the most effective rhetorical devices that he used. For example, he states facts about oil and gas prices and percentages of American workers, and their tax rates. He also talks about various point plans he put together that could rebuild America in many ways. Ethos was a rhetorical device because Mitt Romney was the governor of Massachusetts.

Since he’s the governor of Massachusetts, many people will believe what he’s saying to be both truthful and logical.They also could believe him when he proposes plans and strategies, because he could have possibly already set forth plans and strategies that succeed when he was governor of Massachusetts. Euphuism is used in the first debate also because Mitt Romney says things politically correct.

Perspective is also used because he gives his view of situations currently taking place for example, improving the education systems, budgeting, and small businesses. Perspective is used when Mitt Romney gives his point of view on how to improve job creations, lowering tax rates, and energy production.He also uses analogy when he makes comparisons between his plans to get Americans jobs, and health care. In the second debate, Mitt Romney uses ethos because he’s the former governor of Massachusetts. He uses allusion by constantly referring to himself as governor of Massachusetts while speaking. Logos is used as a rhetorical device because he addresses unemployment by using percentages. He also proposes a 5 point plan that he thinks will get Americans 12 million jobs in 2 years.

Perspective is used when Mitt Romney gives his point about having more jobs available for college graduates. Along with perspective, he uses persuasion when responding to a college student’s question about finding a job when he gets out of college by saying: “so more debt and less jobs, I’m going to change that. I know what it takes to create good jobs again. I know what it takes to create good jobs again. I know it takes to make sure you have the kind of opportunity you deserve… it’s not going to be like the last 4 years”.

This is a very persuasive statement because he’s basically saying things that he know would appeal to Jeremy and the situation he’s facing so he can have a more positive outlook of Romney’s plan and support that. In the last debate regarding Foreign Policy, Mitt Romney uses ethos because he’s the former governor of Massachusetts. Pathos is used because he shows his sympathy to civilians and Libyans killed during attacks that are currently taking place in other countries.

He uses logos by discussing facts about events taking place across the world.He puts forth comprehensive strategies that could deal with threats versus killing our opponents, for example: the death of Osama Bin Laden. Another rhetorical device used in the Foreign Policy debate was argumentation. Mitt Romney argues about the important of creating better comprehensive strategies to deal with terrorist, and creating a stronger American administration. Last but not least, Euphuism was used because Mitt Romney says a lot of things are politically correct. Mitt Romney debate performance was effective.

He uses many rhetorical devices throughout his debate, but logos and argumentation are his strongest.Mitt Romney really takes advantage of these devices to get his point across. He constantly uses logos because he is very educated on topics whereas he can immediately pull out facts and statistics to respond to questions, but also coming across as rude and impatient because of his desire to always get his point across even when it is not his turn to speak. Following along with logos is argumentation, where he is very strong because of his ability to be very outspoken with a demanding personality, which also helps him gets his point across. Overall, Romney’s debate performance was very effective.


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