Dear my own business, but after searching

Dearsir or madam,Beingborn and raised in Dubai, when it was just beginning to grow into themetropolis it is today, I developed an interest in business and philosophy, andas both fields continued to influence my life for the better, that interestslowly turned into a passion. My father owned a small company which gave me theopportunity to see his strengths and weaknesses as a business owner, which I aimto use to improve myself as one in the future. I feel as if not enough peopletruly appreciate the work and time that goes into maintaining these multi-billion-dollarcompanies to lend their services at the quality that they do because just likea machine, it will not function without the needed attention and care. Theschool I studied at offered a multitude of electives from which I chose Art,Business and Design Technology which I should have begun in my 10th year. After9th grade, due to unfortunate circumstances, my father and I moved to Bulgaria,where I continued my education and was unable to follow my pursuit in thosesubjects as they were unavailable in the schools around my City.

Luckily, I wasable to get accustomed quickly and started volunteering in the Bulgarian YouthRed Cross where I learned a lot about working in a team and even had thepleasure of being involved in the “Helfi” program which aimed to teach basicsafety and first aid to children from 1st to 5th grade. My current Goal is to createand develop my own business, but after searching for a university in Bulgaria Iconcluded that this country simply cannot offer me the specialization Irequire, and the method of teaching is far too theory based and thus,insufficient for the education I seek. Another reason I want to study outsideof Bulgaria is the international environment it lacks. Ever since I moved, Iwas quite unhappy with the lack of diversity of people and cultures.

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Rarelywould I meet or experience people from different backgrounds and would alwayswish to go back to the colorful society of Dubai which I missed. I understandthat studying abroad will be a challenge, but it is one I have already facedbefore, and feel confident in saying I enjoyed overcoming. Although both of myparents are from Bulgarian origin, I grew up learning both English andBulgarian and excelled in the former over the latter and still plan to learn athird language as I believe it is imperative for a successful business managerto be capable of expanding his social network to a global scale. Most of all Ihope to develop myself as a team player and to cultivate the leadership skillsnecessary for my future career.

I hope to contributemy talents and efforts to your university and become a worthy member of theteam.    Thankyou for your consideration and time.JamesStoynov


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