Dear Mr.President Essay

My name is Rebecca Garnett , I am 17 years old and I live in Fredrick Maryland , I attend school in Bethesda Maryland and go to Walt Whitman High School . President Obama, I am writing today concerning the highly controversial issue concerning the American people in abortion. Abortion much like you know has been a very well debated argument. I know that you are pro –abortion , I personally believe you supporting the taking of a life no matter what state it’s in is barbaric and immoral .The only time I feel abortion is permissible is in the case of a rape victim. The taking of an innocent life because of a mother’s irresponsibility, or the non –willingness to care of a new born child is very unlawful in my opinion, abortion is a relative of murder.

Mr. President Laws are meant to up hold and set the example of justice. What justice is it to penalize a not yet matured life because of inconvenience of the women who isn’t willing to keep it.In the case of a rape, the only reason I believe can in some way justify the reason for aborting a life is when it should be allowed. Most females that want to aboard a baby aren’t rape victims but young females that want to hide the fact of pregnancy or women who weren’t ready and don’t think that they are ready for the responsibility. By supporting the legality of abortion you are supporting the irresponsibility of these unfortunate women. As young lady no matter what the reason was I feel as though, I would keep my child because the simple fact is its mines.Taking a life can never be justified, no matter what the reason or the cause.

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The negligence of a young teen, or a grown women getting pregnant or becoming a mother to soon, or on accident shouldn’t be rewarded by giving them a scapegoat. That is leaving a fail imprint on the view and minds of the younger generation even after mines. It give a since of I can do whatever and still not pay the consequence because I can get help to make it go away.

The following generations including and heavily starting with mines is that the decisions you make and action committed aren’t always consequential , that leads to a lot the high percentages of teen pregnancy and over populated jails . I am just a concerned youth that sees the negativity and not really any positives at all in having abortion legal in a country where we stand for the liberties of life , justice and pursuit of happiness yet in still we are legalizing executions of fetuses . Thank you for your taking your time to read this letter Mr. President.

Sincerely, Rebecca Garnett


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