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Dear Admissions Office Team,Learning is a never-ending process, more over related to the importance of developing human resources in order to contribute to the development of nations, therefore, I am delighted to apply for the Erasmus Master’s program of AAAAA at AAAAA University that begins in spring semester of 2018.After considerable research, I can confidently say that the AAAAA University is one of the elitist and prestigious universities because of its international reputation for excellence, thus it is the best fit for my interests and future career prospective as well.  I would honor the opportunity if you accept me for this programme as I will get to know better Erasmus students from the whole Europe and exchanging experiences.There are a number of reasons why I think I do fit for this program offered by AAAAA University. In the first place, looking back on my very childhood years I remember how I was standing out of a large group of students owing to my original ideas and creative thinking. As expressed in a famous quote by Steve Jobs, “When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something”. Similarly, I have always been one of the very few people who saw the connection between certain things that’s others could hardly notice. As I grew up and started the university, I realized and got convinced that AAAAA is the sphere in which I will definitely use my potential to the fullest to benefit my community. Furthermore, I also find my solid educational background particularly relevant for this program. During my bachelor studies I always received positive feedbacks from all the professors as far my academic performance is concerned. That is why when I graduated from university as a bachelor degree, I was offered to work as a Customer Channel Management Representative in Azercell Telecom LCC which is the largest mobile operating company in Azerbaijan.I believe that I will obtain a highly marketable set of skills through this Erasmus Program in the field of AAAAA at AAAAA University. I have found AAAAA to be a challenging discipline because of its real-world importance combined with its perspective, that makes AAAAA an appealing subject to study at your university. In other words, Erasmus Program is a great supporter to all the motivated international students without any discrimination, it requires nothing more than a good academic background and does not put an additional responsibility on us, besides studying well in Italy and keeping the promises.I have always been a highly motivated and self-directed student, as is apparent through my academic success. Although AAAAA is the same internationally, however universities abroad teach this field in various ways by professors, which will absolutely increase my capacity to adapt to different teaching methods. Taking my experience and skills into account, I strongly believe that this program will precisely benefit a lot from my presence as it will mark my professional and personal development in the field of AAAAA.