Dead Languages Essay

It is my belief that we can learn a lot from studying a so-called dead language.

Firstly, with the help of Latin and Ancient Greek it is possible to trace all sorts of words, ideas, forms of expression of European culture back to much earlier time. Secondly, Latin literature is deeply connected with Roman history, so studying and translating Latin literary works provide knowledge of a relevant historic period that influenced the history of the entire Europe. Thus, the study of Latin can widen your knowledge of History.Moreover, the dead languages are considered to be beneficial in our daily life.

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For example, Latin & Ancient Greek are helpful in improving the understanding of medical prescriptions because most of medical terms have Latin or Greek roots. In conclusion, I think that the study of dead languages gives has many advantages either in academic field or in a day-to-day routine. ensures consistent advantages nowadays.

A person, who knows Latin or ancient Greek, has an opportunity to apply his knowledge of a dead language in many fields.It is my belief that Self-Organising Learning Environment method (SOLE) can keep youngsters stimulated in class, improve both their knowledge and exam results. Under this technique children are asked a question and left to do research online in small groups. The kids are engaged without realizing they are actually doing school work. Their results are impressive for a number of reasons. Firstly, they feel more relaxed looking for information and answering questions in small groups.

Besides, they know they won’t be made to look foolish if they get something wrong. Secondly, through reasoning, discussion and cooperation they can discover new ways to ind information and to understand far more of what they have found than they would individually. The last but not the least reason is that SOLE improves children’s attention span and behaviour, too. So, I really believe that, if this method is adopted across the UK, all children will beneit and some will be able to pass their GCSEs14 much earlier.


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