Data warehouse Essay

Comparison between Data Warehouse database and OLTP databaseThere are many different points between informations warehouse an OLTP:

  • Data warehouse is a depot of a company ‘s stored information. It aims to ease analysis and coverage, but OLTP manage and do transaction-oriented application easy to treat.

  • Both of the OLTP and informations warehouse are relational databases, but their execution aims are different ( Courses, 2010 ) .
  • The minutess of OLPT database are recorded in existent clip, on other manus informations warehouse does non back up existent clip in its endeavor demands. It is shop of historical and current informations, and it can shops informations extracted from other informations beginnings.
  • The design of OLTP database is for existent clip operations of concern, but the design of informations warehouse is for analysis by properties and classs of concern steps.
  • Data warehouse database is optimized for volume battalions and complex, big, random questions that entree many rows per tabular array. However, OLPT database for a common location of dealing, normally add or retrieve one row at same clip for each tabular array.
  • Data warehouse database is loaded by consistent, valid information ; requires no existent clip proof, but OLTP uses proof informations tabular arraies to formalize the received informations at the period of dealing.
  • Data warehouse database can back up merely few coincident users relative to OLTP.

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    However, this last one can back up legion users.

  • In OLTP systems normally get informations into the system. However, informations warehouse system acquire them out of the system ( GeekInterview, 2005 ) .

Advantages of informations warehouses:Some of the advantages of informations warehouse are similar follows:

  • Make the coverage and analysing of information easy by supplying a common information theoretical account for all involvement informations.
  • It can decide the incompatibilities after place them which facilitate analysis and describing the information into informations warehouse contribution.
  • The users can command the information of information warehouses, which means that even if this information are deleted over clip, the information warehouses information can reconstruct it safely for a long clip.

  • The operational systems can maintain its velocity during retrieving of informations, which means that information warehouses have no negative contemplations on the public presentation runing systems.
  • Data warehouses facilitate applications of determination support system like motion studies ( Wikipedia, 2008 ) .

DisadvantagesBesides some of disadvantages of utilizing informations warehouse are:

  • They are non the best environment for unstructured informations.
  • There is a latency component in informations of informations warehouse, because information has to be extracted and loaded and transformed into warehouse.
  • Data warehouses design needs a high costs to implement.


Data repositing is a set of determination support engineerings. It helps the users for doing better determinations. It contains historical informations derived from dealing informations, but it can dwell of informations from other beginnings. It has many advantages ant at the same clip it has some inconvenient. The dream place company can utilize it for Historical, summarized and amalgamate informations ( Manish, 2010 ) .


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